Sunday, 3 September 2017

OOTD: Autumn, Stevie Nicks & My Feelings On Blogging


It's finally September and you know what means - Autumn has officially landed. Okay, technically Autumn starts on the 22nd of September according to google but moving on...

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog and a new season seemed the perfect time to start getting into the blogging game again. Normally when I've been absent from blogging it's been due to some crappy health thing but for once this is due to good stuff aka starting my new job. 

Now that I feel a little more settled as a working gal again and my health problems are a little less difficult, I feel this is the right time for me to get back to my normal routine. 

It's such a cliché, especially in the blogging world, but I really do love Autumn. It will always be my favourite season of the year. For a start Halloween is just around the corner, the infamous PSL is back and the weather is cooling down - since I am basically a White Walker, this is good news for me. 

Saturday the 2nd of September was a mighty fine day. The sun was shining but there was a nice chill in the air which meant I didn't need to worry about the dreaded boob sweat I've been getting during this muggy summer. 

In other words, this was the perfect day to take some good old OOTD pictures. 

Hat - H&M
Dress - New Look 
Trainers - New Look 
Sunglasses & Necklaces - Primark
Bag - Hallhuber 

If you follow me on social media you will know all about the wonderful health problems I've had. I am not going to dwell on them in this post but since I am starting to feel a little like myself again, I felt I was long overdue a little makeover. 

So, in the last month, I have had a new hair cut (hello fringe), bought new clothes and got my eyebrows microbladed - which I will be blogging about very soon. 

Being the massive Stevie Nicks fan that I am, this dress from New Look caught my eye straight away and it's swiftly becoming one of my all time favourite purchases. Seriously all I needed was a shawl and a top hat and I would feel like the true supreme. 

It was perfect to wear on a sunny day with bare legs (aka sheer tights) and trainers but I can see it seeing me through the colder months with black tights, boots, and a big warm coat. 

Since I am talking about New Look purchases, I also picked up these ripped jeans a baggy t-shirt during the same shopping trip. 

Shopping can be a difficult and annoyingly stressful task for me. I've spoken about my annoyance about the high street before but New Look is becoming one of the few shops that don't make me want to sob softly in the changing rooms. Even though I am trying to shop more locally and embrace vintage & charity shops more, it is good to know that there is at least one high street shop out there for me. 

Now that the Autumn feeling is kicking in, I am going to look ahead and just enjoy the rest of this year. I'm not going to lie 2017 ended up kicking my arse in ways I could never imagine, which is saying something after 2016, but it's about time I let myself move on. 

Will I ever become a top blogger and post every single week? Probably not, but knowing that I have this little space on the internet for me is a comforting feeling. I've seen a lot of chat about what bloggers should or shouldn't do with their own blogs. We all have our own reasons for blogging and they are all valid. 

I started this blog to get myself out of a rut I was in, to give me something to work on and throughout the last 3 years, I've dipped in and out of it but it served its purpose at the time. I debated scrapping it all together for several different reasons but I've finally got to a place where I am just happy to do what I want with it. After all, it is just my little place on the internet and if people want to read my ramblings, even better! 

So, here's to the last four months of 2017! 

Till the next time!


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  1. I am sooo glad to see you back to normal, blogging and the sassy lady in you is out. Beautiful.

    Farah Faz -