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Review - The Salvation of Leith


I've lived in Leith for over 6 years now and I am happy to call it home. What's been interesting about my time here has watching how much the area has changed, even in the fairly short time I've been living here. I've loved seeing new bars and restaurants pop up, so I was excited to get to try the menu at The Salvation of Leith*. 

I'd visited The Salvation a couple of times before ahead of my 'foodie blogger' visit, though it had only been for drinks, I was already quite a fan so I was intrigued to see what their food menu was like.

The Salvation is located right on the shore where Leith Beer Company used to be so it is obviously a hot spot when the warm weather arrives due to having a great outdoor section right in front of the Water of Leith.

The story behind the location is an interesting one, this is from The Salvation of Leith's Facebook page: 

The Salvation of Leith is located at 58 Shore. It once housed The Association For The Improvement Of The Condition Of The Poor in Leith from 1872 - 1953.
It was a "Ragged School" for destitute children as well as a nursery for the disadvantaged, a soup kitchen, a clothing exchange and a boarding house.
The building was also used as a "House of Call" where Shore dockers and labourers were paid their wages away from the allure of alcohol or "other temptations".
For a long period the Association employed only Leithers or local Journeymen and it would offer charity and assistance to the needy from anywhere in the world - except Edinburgh. 

Alas, the day I went to visit it was pouring it down but I did manage to get some nicer shots on a different day cause yes, I have been back since, so I am sure you know which way this review is going to go.

First up, I really loved the refurbishment that went into to turning The Leith Beer Company into the Salvation.

Yes, that layout is still very much the same but it's been giving a good lease of life - exposed brick, velvet cinema style seats, nautical touches and quirky lettering above the bar. You could say it is a little "hipstery" but personally I don't think that's a bad thing. It still has a causal and relaxing vibe without coming across as pretentious. 

The menu is very burger heavy, there is a section on the menu called "Not A Burger" just in case you fancy something a bit different. For us, it was all about the burgers, when a menu has that much variety, you know you must try one out. 

First up we ended up getting a plate of the Spicy Chicken Wings which have been coated in Frank's RedHot Sauce and served with a blue cheese dip aka my first, my last, my everything...

The chicken itself was great though not as spicy as I was expecting however that blue cheese dip, be still my heart. I was almost sad to have finished the wings mainly because it left me with nothing to dip in my sauce (didn't stop me being a little disgusting with my finger, sorry mum). 

After finally saying a sad goodbye to my blue cheese sauce, it was burger time. Being the chicken lover that I am (fun fact I am actually scared of chickens), I decided to go for the Empire State - breaded chicken fillet, maple smoked bacon, grilled pineapple and BBQ sauce

I ended up not having the pineapple on it because I am just not a fan and like my feelings on pizzas, they just don't meal in my dinner.

The chicken fillet itself was exactly what I wanted and the maple bacon almost made me forget about that blue cheese dip. 

Instead of having traditional fries with our meal, we ended up ordering haggis fritters and smoked paprika halloumi fries. I highly recommend both. The haggis was perfectly spicy and the halloumi fries were cooked wonderfully - I'm normally wary of halloumi sometimes, always run the risk of it tasting too rubbery. 

After a tasty starter and damn good main course, I couldn't wait to try the desserts because that tends to be my favourite part of any meal.

The Salvation sadly doesn't have the strongest dessert menu but they do Cony Island Cheesecake Sundaes which did sound beyond delightful.

I settled for the Cracker Jack which is banana, popcorn and salted caramel. Overall it was pretty tasty but a little cream heavy for my taste especially since I don't do well with too much dairy. The flavours all worked for me and the popcorn was plentiful but it did feel like something was missing that I can't quite put my finger on.

I think after such a big meal, maybe something a little lighter would've worked because I unfortunately couldn't finish my Sundae which is pretty shocking for me. I normally devour my desserts as soon as they are right in front of me.

Where the Salvation may have disappointed me on the dessert front, they sure made up for it with an amazing selection of beer. They menu is jam packed full of your everyday standards, craft beers and hidden gems. The beer selection also changes regularly so there is always a chance to try something new - which I intend to do!

As mentioned above, I've been back since so it was a winner for me. The burgers hit the spot, the selection of beers is great and you know that blue cheese dip..... I can't stop thinking about it.

If you are looking for somewhere to just kick back and relax, The Salvation is for you. The staff are incredibly helpful and are always on hand to offer you any advice on your beer selection - trust me with a choice like they have, you will need it!

Have you visited The Salvation of Leith yet or do you plan to? 

Till the next time!


*My meal at The Salvation of Leith was complimentary but all views stated are my own. 

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  1. The burgers look delicious! I wish I could visit this place. If only Canada was slightly closer!