Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An Evening With A Couple Of Photos


If you check out my Instagram account you will see that I love a good selfie. It is very easy to shout about how vain my generation are due to our love of taking pictures of ourselves but is that a bad thing? We are told time and time again to "love ourselves" but as soon as you even show a hint of that you are ridiculed. 

The art of the selfie isn't even a new thing. Yes, sites like Instagram and most of us owning a smart phone with a camera means that it is easier than ever to take and share one but self portraits go as far back as 1839. 

Of course, this post isn't actually about my amazing (debatable) selfie skills but the wonderful work of A Couple Of Photos and my amazing portrait photoshoot with them. 

So why all the selfie and loving yourself chat in the introduction you ask? As someone who has struggled with loving her appearance, especially when I was younger, I find that getting my photo taken can be empowering.  Seeing yourself in a different light to what you are used to in a mirror.

It is the same person obviously but there is something about a good picture that can really give you a confidence boost and what is wrong with that? 

Due to my health issues, which I am sure you are all sick of hearing about, my body confidence has hit an all time low. I found myself getting more and more frustrated with what I could see in the mirror. 

So, when A Couple Of Photos, who I've long admired over social media, got in contact with myself and other bloggers in the Edinburgh area to do a portrait shoot, I was excited to have a night where I could get all glammed up and feeling fabulous again. 

A Couple Of Photos is the incredibly lovely and sweet Jasmine Bauer, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Edinburgh and her partner Victor who is the behind the scenes guy. She also takes killer OOTD style pictures too by the way. Her philosophy is all about showing people how beautiful they are, which ties in with my whole pro selfie chat (told you I was going somewhere with that). 

Jasmine is now based at Caroline Baxter's shop down on London Street aka bottom of Broughton street, whose shop and dresses are incredible. 

For the launch of her studio space, Jasmine invited myself, Lucie, Talor and Charlotte for an evening of bubbly, makeovers and a chance to get our very own portraits taken. 

We got to come away with two beautiful pictures and even though I ended up wearing two different outfits for my shoot, I ended up picking two of the same look. 

I was instantly drawn the black and white one when picking my photos, there is something 90s actor headshot about it which I loved. I also adored the colours in the second photo even if it is a slightly similar pose, so sue me.

And yes, I have boobs that are very much on show.... 

Now as much as I love a good OOTD picture and selfie, I am incredibly awkward in front of a camera. I never know what to do with my limbs, never mind trying to make my face look somewhat pleasant. Luckily Jasmine is a total pro who will help you out and make you feel 100% comfortable. 

I will admit I was a little stressed before the shoot as I had a moment of complete self doubt but by the time we started shooting, Jasmine had me giggling away. Her camera is probably full of creepy grinning photos of my silly face. 

I can't recommend A Couple Of Photos enough, it was such a fun evening and I came away with two beautiful prints that will be taking centre stage somewhere in my flat. If you are looking for a good old confidence boost or just want to have some beautiful photos of yourself, head over to the website where you can check out more of Jasmine's work.  

Lastly, I feel like I need to end this post with this wonderfully creepy but also adorable photo of Lucie and myself (again taken by Jasmine).

Till the next time! 



  1. So happy that you enjoyed yourself and had a good time! Thanks for those lovely words! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and amazing pictures!

      Emily x

  2. Your photos turned out great! I like the coloured one the best I think because of your stunning hair colour.