Monday, 14 November 2016

OOTD: Fire Hair and Leopard Print


I've said it once and I will say it again - having my hair done always cheers me up. I've been in a bit of a slump the last few months. Scratch that, the last year has been one big slump. Of course it hasn't all been so bad but alas the negative aspects have played a big part of my year.

After a stressful and ill couple of weeks, it was time to get that mop on my head sorted. Gain some control in my life again via my delightfully messy hair. 
After weeks of looking at my roots which are so ash blonde that they look almost grey, I knew I needed a freshen up.

As a lot of you know, I used to dye my hair myself (and when I say myself I mean I got my mum to do it) but it all went to pot when the brand I was using changed the formula. So I have been entrusting my colour to my hairdresser, Mathew Watt

I don't think I could look past going to him anymore. My hair is like my baby. I'm not a massive fan of my face and my personality isn't exactly shining, so my hair is my favourite thing about me. I always know I am in safe hands when I head to Mathew's salon. I don't think I could let anyone touch my hair ever again. 

Since I was feeling a little bleugh (scientific term), I felt I needed something a little different done to my hair. After rambling for 30 minutes about this to Mathew, we came up with a little plan. I had originally wanted blonde put it in the ends but after years of dying my my hair red/orange, that was never going to work out well.

So, for a little freshen up and change, Mathew used my normal paprika like colour for the top of my head and a mixture of copper and yellow for the ends. 

As soon as I saw the finished product I was in love. My hair looks like a fiery volcano and you know what, it has brought the fire back in me! 

Of course, I had to document this new do with a couple of OOTD style photos (taken on my lunch break at work....) 

Coat - Elle @ TK Maxx 
Skirt - Vintage 
Top - Not got a clue.... 
Boots - Everything5Pounds
Necklace - Primark

I decided to compliment my new fiery hair, I would go for a grungy 90s look. This is kind of my go to look these days. It is comfy, fairly stylish and low maintenance. I also can never resist pairing up chunky boots with nice skirts. 

It is funny how a new hair do can change how you feel inside. I've mentioned it before in a previous post that it may seem like such a shallow thing to say but it really does make a difference. 

Till the next time!



  1. Lovely outfit. I love your hair colour too. So pretty.

  2. Your hair looks amazing and I totally agree it can really change how you feel!

    Rachel //

  3. Ain't it funny how simply changes can change how you feel? Lovely colour and outfit, you look great.

  4. love the skirt! leopard print is awesome and I'm exactly the same if feeling down I do something with hair haha great post