Monday, 21 November 2016

Frankly Vlogs - A Day Of Drinking In Edinburgh


Every now and again, you need a day of letting your hair down. With work, hospital trips and generally attempting to keep a social life together, I found I just wasn't having enough time for myself. 

I was feeling stressed and a little down in the dumps, so, when Sam suggested we have a little Saturday of day drinking, I was pretty darn keen. It is not often we get a weekend together these days either. 

Of course like any normal 25 year old blogger, I had to document my day. It didn't happen if you don't document it right? 

I am actually starting to enjoy making little videos. Look, I know they are pretty rubbish. I'm not a top 'vlogger', nor do I really want to but it is fun to take a few clips and watch them back later. 

In the spirit of being a top blogger/vlogger/social media junkie, have a little OOTD to go along with it: 

Top - Some random music shop (probably)
Skirts - H&M
Tights - Primark
Sunglasses - Nae Idea
Trainers - Adidas
Bag - Hallhuber
Necklace - Primark 

Till the next time!


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