Friday, 28 October 2016

Review: Boozy Snoozy at The Bonham


Sometimes you just need a good lazy lunch. I don’t mean lazy as in a cheap old sandwich but lazy in the way of just kicking back, relaxing and letting life just pass you by.

Now of course you could do that at home but how much better would that lazy lunch be if you added in a 3 course meal (that you don’t have to make yourself) and two bottles of wine. Chuck in 3 of your best friends and you are sorted.

So where can you enjoy this perfect lunch? The Bonham, of course.

The Bonham Hotel have been running their Boozy Snoozy deal for a while now and the popularity of this lunch is still so strong. For a set price of £94 you get a table for fours, 3 course meal and two bottles of wine.

I got to try out this Edinburgh institution for myself along with a group of fellow Edinburgh foodies.*

If you have ever been to The Bonham before, you will know what a beautiful location it is; traditional at heart but with a modern chic twist.

Though Boozy Snoozy is a lunch time treat, on a Thursday evening you can head along for a pre-weekend celebration, which is exactly what I did.


When it came to my starter I was incredibly conflicted. The Beetroot Cured Shetland Salmon was calling my name but in the end my heart truly belonged to the Duck Terrine, Tomato Fondue and Seed Tuile.

I’ve always been a fan of a terrine but this was my first ever duck terrine and oh boy did it hit the mark. Fresh, full of flavour and just melted in the mouth, exactly what you want. The tomato fondue gave it an extra zing of flavour and the tuile was perfectly crisp.


What was that? Emily went for another fish course for her main? Why yes I did. I’m becoming predictable but I just couldn’t resist the Sea Bass with Blackened Spices, Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Black Olive Tapenade.

First things first, this was a beautiful looking dish. Straight away I was taken back by how colourful and fun it looked. Did it live up to its beautiful appearance though? The fish itself was beautifully cooked and the Blackened spices gave it that strong flavour I crave in my meal.

The roasted red pepper soup didn’t hit the spot for me sadly though. Yes, it looked amazing in the meal but sadly didn’t add much flavour wise.


My all-time favourite dessert is the simple tiramisu. It brings my two favourite things together; chocolate and coffee. When I saw that The Bonham had a twist to the classic dessert, I knew I had to try it out.

This Glen Lyon Raspberry Tiramisu certainty looked the part. Everyone who ordered it was straight on their phones and got a little snap happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful little dessert. Rich, creamy and overall lovely but it just didn’t feel like a tiramisu to me. However, I was in the minority with my opinion, the table all fell in love with this raspberry twist!

Overall, I had a really wonderful time at The Bonham. The food was delicious and the venue is gorgeous. It was also a great chance to meet other food bloggers who I have followed on social media for ages but alas had never got the chance to meet in person.

The Snoozy Boozy deal is such a great concept and you can really see why it is so popular after trying it out for yourself!.

Have you treated yourself to a Snoozy Boozy meal? 

Till the next time!


*Though my meal was complimentary, all views shared are my own.

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