Friday, 14 October 2016

OOTD: Witch, Please


My favourite time of the year has arrived again and guess what? I didn't get to enjoy it. Why you ask? Well, if you follow me on the world of social media you will know a little about my recent hospital trip. 

I alas ended up getting not one but two surgeries during the space of one week. Luckily both of them were not serious but it still wiped me out big time. I've spent the last two weeks stuck in bed, doping up on painkillers and binging on Netflix. 

You also may realise that the exact same thing happened to me last year. My luck in October is grim but that won't stop me from attempting to get into the spirit and that is exactly what I did today. 

Cabin Fever had set in and I was needing to escape. Since I am on the mend, I decided it was time to get some walking done and you know.... outfit photos! 

Luckily for me my long suffering partner/personal photographer, Sam, was on hand to take a few snaps as we had a little walk on the Dean Bridge in Edinburgh - which by the way gives you some amazing views of the Water of Leith.


 Dress - Brave Souls @ ASOS
Jacket - Elle @ TK Maxx 
Bag - Hallhuber
Necklace - Forever 21
Hat - H&M
Boots - Everything 5 Pounds 
Belt - No bloody idea.... 

As you can see I am a big fan of wearing colours. I just love to bring some brightness, fun and positivity to my wardrobe.... 

This dress was purchased when I was lying in bed, downing a bottle of water and cursing my life. Due to the nature of my surgery, I will be having to avoid jeans, trousers or just generally anything to tight for the moment. Which kind of sucks but at the same time it gave me an excuse to buy new clothes. 

Another new item that has found its way into my life are those ridiculously massive boots from Everything 5 Pounds. I've been needing some big clumpy boots in my life and these are perfect. Granted walking in them is no easy task but then again you can't beat the feeling of strutting down the street like your Frankenstein's Monster... 

Basically this outfit made me feel like the supreme (AHS Coven reference FYI). Obviously I am the supreme, that goes without saying, but this look gave me that extra bad witch feel.

Now that I am finally getting better I am going to get out there and embrace what I can of the spookiest time of the year. No silly surgeries will stop me!

Are you getting into the spooky feeling this October?

Till the next time!


  1. I love your outfit - the dress is super cute, and you're right, it's perfect for this time of year! I hope you're feeling better, its good that you've been able to get out a little today! I actually think I saw a glimpse of you today around Princess Street / Primark area! Hope that you're able to get out some more and enjoy edinburgh at this time of year.

    1. Thank you lovely!

      Oh you know, I think you did. I was wandering/hobbling around that day haha!

  2. A really interesting outfit and perfect for this time of the year! I hope you are feeling more well too!

  3. That outfit with your gorgeous hair looks amazing and I've fell in love with that bag!

    1. Thanks! Oh that bag is like my baby :)