Friday, 28 October 2016

Review: Boozy Snoozy at The Bonham


Sometimes you just need a good lazy lunch. I don’t mean lazy as in a cheap old sandwich but lazy in the way of just kicking back, relaxing and letting life just pass you by.

Now of course you could do that at home but how much better would that lazy lunch be if you added in a 3 course meal (that you don’t have to make yourself) and two bottles of wine. Chuck in 3 of your best friends and you are sorted.

So where can you enjoy this perfect lunch? The Bonham, of course.

Friday, 14 October 2016

OOTD: Witch, Please


My favourite time of the year has arrived again and guess what? I didn't get to enjoy it. Why you ask? Well, if you follow me on the world of social media you will know a little about my recent hospital trip. 

I alas ended up getting not one but two surgeries during the space of one week. Luckily both of them were not serious but it still wiped me out big time. I've spent the last two weeks stuck in bed, doping up on painkillers and binging on Netflix. 

You also may realise that the exact same thing happened to me last year. My luck in October is grim but that won't stop me from attempting to get into the spirit and that is exactly what I did today.