Monday, 11 July 2016

OOTD: Sporty Monochrome & Colour Elements


Let's talk about sports luxe shall we? I put my hands up in the air and say I used to hate this trend. Maybe hate is too strong a word but I just didn't understand it.

My idea of sports luxe was firmly based around jogging bottoms. An item of clothing I have always disliked, even when I needed to get some for the gym. 

I was wrong in my understanding of sports luxe. It doesn't mean you always have to put on trainers and try dress up joggers. There are so many ways to do the trend and I decided for the Colour Elements event at Kakao by K, I would give it a go! 

Crop Top - New Look 
Skirt - New Look
Duster Coat - Primark
Shoes - H&M
Cross Necklace - Primark
Choker - Claire's Accessorises 
Bag - Hallhuber

Yes everyone, my over worn duster coat made an unsurprising appearance for this look. It is sadly on it's way out so I am attempting to get as much wear out of as possible before it gives up the ghost. 

It did however work well with my take on sports luxe. I didn't go for an overly sporty look more like 90s goth meets cheerleader. 

I fell in love with this crop top and skirt combo after a recent trip to New Look. I'm always on the hunt for a good skirt and this one is quite wonderful. It fits like a glove and I am already finding it to be really versatile. 

Now as I said this outfit was for an event with Colour Elements. You can always rely on me to bring some, erm, colour to my ensembles... 

So what is Colour Elements you ask? They are all about "celebrating the individual features that make us unique and wonderful". The whole idea is to help bring colour back into your wardrobe, not to overpower you or to change who you are, but to make it work with you. 

They look at who you are a person as well as your outside appearance such as skin tone, hair colour etc. After that you will find out what colour group you fall into: Earth, Fire, Water or Air (hence the elements aspect.)

For the event at the wonderful boutique shop, Kaoko By K, we were greeted with G&Ts from Mother's Gin Bar and then shown a little demonstration on how colour can change an completely change up an outfit. 

After we all got to find out our Colour IDs with company leader Karen. Turns out I don't really fall into one category. Due to my features and skin tone I am probably more of an Air but then I have that firey mop of hair on top of my head, so of course I have that Fire element within me too.  

Karen was really interesting to talk to and she really got a good grasp of who I am from out little chat. She could tell straight away that though I don't totally shy a way from colour, going for more simple monochromatic colours works better for me. 

Once you have had your Colour ID done, you can download the Colour Elements app which will let you create your very own colour cards. Here is one I tried out myself:

I decided to try out the Air colours and I almost recreated the colour scheme of the outfit I wore to the event, minus the black. The app is really simple but a fun way to help create outfit ideas. You can see more of how Colour Elements do this via their Instagram account.

It is such an interesting concept and it was really great to meet the team behind Colour Elements. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and also have a great relationship with the public via social media.

What colour element do you think you would be? 

Till the next time!



  1. I reckon I am almost certainly water. Which suits me fine. I love the crop top :)

    1. Water is such a fun element, full of awesome bright colours!

      Thank you :)

      Emily x

  2. I think I'd be water. I'm a Pisces so naturally that would be my element and I'm very much a Pisces ha! Love the outfit btw! Tommy -

    1. Water is a cool element to be. I was pretty envious of anyone getting it!

      Emily x

  3. Firstly, I am loving your outfit! The combo of crop top and skirt is gorge and I TOTES need it in my life stat!!! Secondly, Colour Elements sounds really interesting - I tend to stick to the same colours, so this could be a fab way of mixing up my norm.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

    1. Thank you, yeah it is such an awesome skirt. Can't wait to see how many ways I can pair it with different outfits!

      Emily x

  4. You really suit this outfit babe! Still gutted I missed the event but glad you had a fab time xx

    1. Thank you. Aw I was rather gutted that you couldn't make it!

      Emily X

  5. ooh sounds like a fab event! Wish I could have gone. That outfit is killer! Suits you so well