Thursday, 23 June 2016

OOTD: Cape Love


I have a confession to make. It is going to be a big announcement so prepare yourself. Maybe sit down with a cup of tea for this news... 

I love capes. Like seriously. 

Though I adore them ever so much, I have actually never owned one before... until now. 
One miserable rainy early morning, I was getting ready for work whilst Sam (otherwise known as my better half) was browsing Mango for some new clothes. He mad the mistake of saying that they had a sale on and he was just a little bit of getting free delivery.

So naturally I swooped in and pinched the phone out of his hand.

Flecked Fine Knit Cardi - £9.99

I have never shopped at Mango before but I was quite surprised by how much stuff I was finding. Maybe it is some kind of mid 20s crisis but I feel like I need to purchase more basic, slightly tailored but still fairly stylish everyday clothes. Mango was fitting in that description to a T!

I fell in love with half of their range and the cape was just calling my name. 

I am really digging the space dye trend at the moment. In case you don't know but space dying is a technique used to give yarn a unique, multi-coloured effect. My favourite is when its a mixture of different shades of grey. Nothing to do with that horrid book okay....

Cape - Mango
Shirt - George @ Asda 
Jeans - New Look
Boots - New Look
Cross Necklace - Primark
Tattoo Choker - Claire's Accessorises

Since I going straight from work to an event, I needed an outfit that could be comfy and work friendly, as well as being slightly 'going out-y'. 

That Asda George floral shirt has seen me through the years. It is the perfect shirt to dress up and down and I will probably sob when it finally gives up on me. 

Since I wanted to keep my outfit fairly causal and warm since the weather was being an arse, I decided it was the perfect chance to get my cape out.

Capes are cool okay?! They look comfy and if you need to fight crime they are pretty helpful. I don't know but seeing as most superheros favour them, there must be a link right? 

Are you a cape fan? 

Till the next time



  1. I've never had a cape like that but it looks SO comfortable! And just the thing when it's kind-of-summery-but-still-a-bit-cold! ;)

    1. It's been perfect for this odd weather we have been happening :)

      Emily x

  2. Love the cape!!! I too when shopping never thought of Mango but that is a great price. Off for a nosy :) x

    1. Thanks lovely, yeah you should check them out. They had a great sale on!

      Emily x

  3. i love a good cape! so swishy and can just add a bit extra to an outfit. Love it!

    Katie x x

    1. Swishy swishy

      Thanks you babe ;)

      Emily x