Friday, 10 June 2016

Milkshakes That Make You Feel Canny


Time to tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was girl called Emily who had firey/messy hair. One day Emily popped to her local shop on her lunch break. Looking for something tasty she came across cartons of milkshake. It spoke to her. Telling her it was a banana milkshake but it just wanted to talk about her instead. 

It was love at first sight. Never had Emily found a milkshake that just got her like that. Off she skipped back to her office with her new best friend. 

Yes I am talking about the time I fell in love with a milkshake, okay?! 

After coming across Canny on Twitter ages ago, I was intrigued by them. They are a company who love to engaged on social media, which I am into, plus they had such a quirky vibe with their milkshakes. 

Sometimes I am sceptical of such quirky advertising. Would the product live up to the branding? 

As soon as I came across Canny in the shop, I knew I had to try it out for myself and that is what I did. Banana called my name and I answered. I'm so glad I did. 

It was a beautiful shake and it was made even sweeter when I managed to win all the flavours through a Twitter giveaway*. 

So who are Canny you ask? Basically two guys from Newcastle (hence the Canny name) teamed up together to produce great tasting milkshakes using only the greatest ingredients. 

As well as being 100 percent natural they actually use proper ingredients like Belgian chocolate, strawberry puree, vanilla pods and banana puree. 

I am someone who probably doesn't get enough dairy in their life. Unless it is in my morning coffee, milk and myself have a difficult relationships. Nonetheless I do love a milkshake but truthfully a lot of the time they can be quite watery tasting. Drinkable but not exciting. 

When my parcel from arrived I was so excited, especially after I had fallen in love with the banana shake. After leaving them in the fridge for a while, I got straight onto the chocolate bad boy.

So good. So wonderfully good. 

The next day I went for the vanilla? You know what? That tasted so wonderfully good too. 

Being the good girlfriend that I am, I gave Sam by Banana one. 

Being the even better girlfriend, I also ended up caving in and giving him the strawberry. 

So to sum up, Canny Milkshakes are pretty darn canny and you should all give them a try. Also be prepared for me to rave about them loads on social media. Makes a change from me going on about matcha okay? 

Have you tried Canny before or are you going to now? 

Till the next time!


*So yeah I got these milkshakes for free but it was part of a giveaway that wasn't to do with my blog. I just wanted to do a wee post because they were so bloody good. 


  1. Okay this post and your posts on twitter have convinced me. If I see Canny milkshakes I shall buy one and try for myself.

  2. ah, i so need to try these if i come across them! i'm craving a milkshake so badly now x

    sara |