Friday, 24 June 2016

Glasses Love With Specsavers


I am a glasses wearer. You may not realise this since I actually very rarely wear them but trust me, I need them. 

Around 15 years old I found my eyes were starting to fail me. I couldn't see people's faces or read the chalk board at School. Though I did not feel dread about this but rather excitement. I wanted glasses so badly. 

Somehow in the last 10 years, my love for wearing specs started to wane. I just didn't feel my best in them. I looked at other glasses wearers with envy, how do they look so cool but yet I look like a massive dork? 

Seeing as I hadn't bought a new pair in almost 5 years, I needed a refresh and Specsavers* were on hand to help me out!
You may have heard about that little brand Specsavers. They are only one of the biggest opticians in the UK.

With over 700 stores in the UK, I was lucky enough to pop along to their brand new Fort Kinnaird branch to hear all about the services they offer and pick out a new pair of specs. 

After previously being located in The Jewel, the team have moved over into a bigger store at the shopping venue in Newcraighall. 

The new store is very deceiving. When you first walk in you may think it is actually on the small side but with 5 test rooms in operation spread out over two floors and another coming soon, it is actually like The Doctor's Tardis (aka bigger on the inside..)

To give me a good feel of the services they offer I had an appointment to get my eyes tested. 

If you have never had one before, they are pretty simple and surprisingly quick and all follow NHS guidelines. It can seem daunting at first or if you haven't had one before but seriously it is so simple and yet so important to do. 

Every member of staff talked me through each stage of the test and made sure I was totally comfortable. Even when blowing a puff of air into my eye.... 

So in my case, my prescription luckily hadn't changed much, though I was wearing a slightly too strong lens in one eye! 

After my test was completed it was time for the fun part of getting your eyes checked. Brand new glasses. As I said it had been 5 years since I bought a pair, so I was long overdue getting a snazzy new pair. 

Specsavers at Fort Kinnaird carry their 'best range'. With around 1,300 frames available and more than one of each pair, I was kind of spoiled for choice actually. 

Check out some of the best/worst that I tried out: 

The thing with glasses is that not every pair is going to flatter your face. I have a round face like the moon so getting round glasses is never ever going to be a good for me. 

Now I normally like big geeky square shapes when it comes to my specs but I decided to be brave and with the help of Michelle, I came across the perfect glasses.

Those cat eye Replay ones are just wonderful. They may be a slightly over the top but I don't care. It was love at first sight. 

After coming to a decision it was time to make sure they would fit me like a glove. The team at Specsavers use a special app on the iPad which takes a picture of you wearing said glasses and works our your measurements. No old fashioned rulers allowed! 

Now seeing as I only need them for distance I don't need Bifocals or Varifocals but I did get some 
Anti-Reflective Coating which is so handy for if you look at screens all day long. 

I was so impressed with how helpful and informative the staff at Specsavers were and with the many offers they have in store. From 2 for 1 deals to the amazing deals for kids. I also didn't realise they can do home visits for people who can't make it to the store and offer a hearing service. 

So do I feel like wearing glasses again? Yes indeedy. I still do have a soft spot for my geeky pair but I could totally see me wearing these on a night out or at an event and not feel self conscious. 

Massive thank you to the team at Specsavers Fort Kinnaird. I had such a lovely time meeting the team and hearing about how passionate they all are about what they do. Also cheers for putting up with me trying on every pair of glasses I could find. 

If you are in the Edinburgh area, I cannot recommend giving them a visit more. Plus as I said the shop is like a Tardis which is also exciting! 

Also if you are a glasses wear head on over to Spectacle Wearer Of The Year and post your specs selfie to win a trip to £10,000, a trip to New York and £1,000 of glasses. How awesome is that?!

Till the next time!


*I was invited to review Specsavers at Fort Kinnaird and received a pair of complimentary glasses. All views are my own though. 


  1. wow the cat eye glasses look SO GOOD on you! Jealous!

  2. It is so important to look after your eyes, and you really can be fashionable while doing it! Love the huge selection of frames and the ones you chose look awesome on you! Great competition too.

  3. I had my eye on this pair (pun not intended) but have now got an excellent square green pair (from the Specsavers own range) and my trusty 50% Golden Ticket to find a second pair to wear sometime in the next 6 months :)