Monday, 23 May 2016

The Rise Of Rainbow Food


Remember those days when our bagels looked normal and the sponge in our cakes was just one simple colour? Those days are long gone as we enter the age of the Rainbow Food.

The rise of rainbow style food has taken over, Instagram is quite frankly full of brightly coloured cakes, bagels and ice creams. It seems like no one is safe from multi-coloured treats.

Recently the world of social media was taken aback by the famous rainbow bagels which came out of the Brooklyn area. As soon as a video appeared on YouTube showing exactly how to make them however, many rushed to the fittingly named Bagel Store to get their hands on these creations.

The Bagel Store has since struggled with their insane new-found popularity and had to temporally close on their two locations. Manhattan restaurant Black Tap Craft Burger & Beer also had to deal with a similar situation when their Freakshakes become a huge social media hit.

The newest food to be converted to a kaleidoscopic is the simple and much loved cheese toastie. Yes, even two bits of bread with cheese in the middle is not safe from the rainbow trend. This almost magical looking sandwich was created in Hong Kong’s Kala Toast and of course it wasn't long till sites like Buzzfeed jumped on it.

So why did rainbow coloured food become one of the biggest food trends? In age of everyone being a food photographer, it makes sense that something so outlandish and bright would catch the eyes of Instagram and Pinterest users. In a world where mermaids, unicorns and pastel hair are incredibly popular with bloggers, it was a no-brainer than this rainbow food trend would kick off massively.

You could go deeper and say that with people seeing the world as an increasingly dark place, who wouldn't want to seek out something bright, colourful and fun. Maybe it is just the magpie effect? We see something bright and are instantly drawn to it.

So, is this a trend that will last forever? Probably not but for now it is here to stay and should ready ourselves for more of our much loved food being rainbow-tized.

*Written by me. Previously posted on LetsJoin 


  1. NGL, it does remind me of how I used to dye my milk in the office to stop people nicking it for their tea...

    Lis / last year's girl x

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