Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Frankly Favourites: May


Guess who forgot to do her Frankly Favourites in April? This gal did!

Do I have any excuses for you? No, I am just a very forgetful or lazy bloggers sometimes. With saying that I am really happy that I have been keeping up with my blog a lot more. When I started my new job as a food & drink writer I did wonder if I would have time or effort to keep up with this. 

It actually did the opposite. Writing all day for work has made me want to write even more!

So here we go, my Frankly Favourites for May:


Frankenstein's Army 

On a lazy Sunday evening I found myself hunting down a decent horror film. I had heard of Frankenstein's Army plenty of times before but never really went back to it. Quite simply this film is about a band of Russian soldiers in WW2 who come across some quite horrifying 'creations'.

Quite simply, this film is bad. When I say bad I mean it was almost laughably bad which sometimes makes for a damn good horror film. It is full of gore and jumpscares and you know what? I loved it.

A Field In England 

I watched A Field In England when it first was shown on Film Four and was left pretty baffled. I always said it was a good film but one I would probably never watch again. However I went back on my word and gave it another go. Mainly to see if I could make any sense of it.

Alas I was left baffled once again but it is a damn good watch. Reece Shearsmith and Michael Smiley are both fantastic in their roles which helps through the mass amount of trippy confusion. Just don't watch this if you suffer from epilepsy..


Kendall & Kylie 

Okay... don't judge me. After becoming pretty darn obsessed with Kim K's game, I was pretty darn excited to see what the two Jenner girls had in store. The premise is pretty simple, you are a big old nobody until you get spotted by Kendall and Kyle, soon you are trust into a world of photoshoots, celeb spats and paparazzi.

It is a pretty shallow game but you know what, I love it. Creating my wee character and styling her up is just far too much fun for me.

Plague Inc.

Imagine you had the power to create a disease that could wipe out all of humanity? Well imagine no more with Plague Inc. I've been a fan of this game for a while and recently downloaded it again after my other half finally decided to give it a go.

It is quite a grim concept for a game but it is weirdly addictive. Having a game that basically lets me destroy the world says a lot about myself.... and I am fine with that.


I Dream Of Shapes

If you keep up with my blog, you will know all about this amazing Berlin/Edinburgh brand. Getting to wear their fabulous clothes at a photoshoot for Flamingosaurus Rex was beyond fun and I also fell in love with I Dream Of Shapes' whole range.

I am now the proud owner of that fabulous skirt thanks to my dear friend Lucie. I could go on and on about why this skirt is amazing but you just have to look at it to understand.


Another thing you have probably heard me banging on about via social media. I am now a massive fan of the harness trend. It's a little edgy and goth, which just excites me so much.

After buying my very own harness from Ultimo, I am now on the hunt to find more and more. If you want to check out some of my suggestions, pop on over to my harness post!

Both these amazing ladies have been blogging everyday in May which just seems like a whole lot of hard work to me. Now I may be slightly biased seeing as I have a lot of love for these two in real life aka out of the blogging world, but they are seriously awesome.

Not your typical beauty or fashion blogs, both of these ladies write such passionate, personal and sometimes candid posts. The fact you get a new post from these two everyday is just a massive treat to us all. So check them out now!

Do any of my favourites grab your fancy?

Till the next time!



  1. Off to check your favourite bloggers as I don't know them at all :-)

  2. Okay so A field in England I'd give a go but hate films that make near to no sense at all!! I'm also going to give both apps a go... I'm one of those people that can't really stand the Kardashians so refuse to divulge in their 'business ventures' but you've sold me kinda on the app!! Plus a virus creating wipe the world out app soinds inereting and up my street! Haha! I follow you on Instagram so have seen that amazing skirt already and I'm in awe!!! Love the harness you're wearing too and now I want to give it a go :)