Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Journey Of Edinburgh's Best Gin Bars


Once upon a time gin was dubbed the name of 'Mother's Ruin', seen as drink for the undesirables in Victorian-era films.

Now of course, gin is now one of the most stylish and fashionable drinks around. Edinburgh is quickly becoming the unofficial home of gin and the city plays host to some of the best gin bars.

Are you looking to hop on the gin train? Well, let me help you along the way on your gin journey.

Heads & Tales

Heads & Tales / Facebook
This hidden gem is the official home of Edinburgh Gin. During the day it plays host to the distillery which offers tours to the public. By night its a cosy bar offering a vast selection of gin-based cocktails.  Due to having Edinburgh Gin's stills, Flora & Caledonia, set in the bar, Head & Tales gives their customers get the opportunity to see gin distilling whilst they enjoy their drink.

Gin lovers can have a choice of Head & Tales' amazing cocktail list featuring drinks such as the Violet Fizz (Edinburgh Gin, violet, blueberry, citrus, elderflower tonic and prosecco) or get creative and make their own cocktail using the handy G.I.Y (Gin It Yourself) guide.


Mother's / Facebook 
Previously The Standard, Mother’s Original Gin & Draft Bar arrived in Edinburgh in 2014 and quickly became a haven for all gin lovers. Boasting around 280 gins, the staff know their stuff and are on hand to help you find your perfect gin. One of the key stand-outs about Mother's is that every gin has its own counterpart tonic, so you are getting the best flavours with your G&T.

If you are looking for somewhere with a bit of a buzz, Mother's is the one for you. Due to its popularity it tends to be quite busy during the weekends. Mother's also offer a special gin tasting menu which is served with alongside a platter of cheese, bread and snacks.

56 North

56 North / Facebook 
This spot has played host to a variety of different named cafes-bars since 1990 but by 2008, it was further known as 56 North. With a great pub grub style menu which feature everything from gourmet burgers to classic fish and chip, 56 North is most well know for its range of 80 different gins. Customers can book themselves in for gin master-classes, once which features Scottish gins paired with cheeses.

Making the most of their variety of gins, 56 North have a fantastic cocktail menu which has some humour to it with names such as Curious Cucumber Tea and Monkey Rode A Buffalo In Manhattan.
“The Tanqueray Secret Gin Garden” is 56 North's award winning Fringe festival venue which showcases the best of local Scottish produce.

One Square

One Square / Facebook 
One of the chicest venues in this gin journey, One Square is situated in the Sheraton Hotel & Spa. This bright and modern bar has around 60 gins on offer, as well as their very own own branded spirit. One Square Gin is hand crafted in Summerhall Distillery by Pickering's Gin is a popular drink which contain Mediterranean liquorice and orris root mixed with juniper and Scottish heather.

As well as being able to enjoy a good G&T with their signature gin, One Square also have a range of cocktails that are tailored made to bring out the best flavours from their One Square Gin.

The Jolly Botanist 

The Jolly Botanist / Facebook 
If you love the appeal of Victorian 'dandyish' style gin, The Jolly Botanist is the place to be. This hip and quirky bar specialises in local and imported gins from all around the world. Customers can delight in the signature Jolly Botanist cocktail (Botanist gin, poppy liqueur, lemon juice and egg white) whilst enjoying the quirky details that are all around the bar such as top hats and pressure gauges.

With a four-page long gin list, The Jolly Botanist makes sure to inform you of your gin's origins, as well as tonic and garnish recommendations.  To line your stomach ahead of the gin drinking, The Jolly Botanist also have a great food menu with dishes such as The Botanist Burger and JB's Favourite Pie Of The Day.

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  1. Oh I do love a gin, and I'm particularly fond of Heads and Tales - I can't believe I've never been to One Square though. I need to remedy that...

    1. Oh you must pop along to One Square, it is such a nice venue too!