Monday, 11 April 2016

The Irn Bru Necklace


As I mentioned in my one of my previous posts, even though I am all about the monochrome outfits but when it comes to jewellery I love something a little more fun. The minute I saw Pink Poodle Boutique post this adorable Irn Bru necklace on their Twitter/Instagram I knew it was fate. 

Having basically taken inspiration from Scotland's favourite fizzy drink when it comes to my hair, how better else to show my love by having a mini bottle of Bru around my neck. 
Pink Poodle are located in Glasgow's West End on Byers Road. I have yet to visit the boutique myself, something which I will be changing very soon, but they also have an amazing online store full of amazing stuff!

Irn Bru Necklace - £9.99

The lovely ladies at Pink Poodle sent me over my very own Irn Bru necklace and as soon as it arrived, I was full of pure joy. It has to be the most adorable necklace I have ever seen. Who doesn't want a bottle of Bru close to their heart? 

Every time I've worn it outside, I have had so many comments and people asking where they can their own Bru necklace. The design of the bottle is just perfect and totally on point. I almost wish it was a real mini bottle so I could carry actual Irn Bru around my neck. Especially for the days when I have had a little too much gin the night before.

If having Irn Bru around your neck isn't enough, they also have amazing Irn Bru earrings which I find myself drawn to more and more each day.

Irn Bru Drop Earrings - £7.99

Make sure you either head along to Pink Poodle's shop in Glasgow or check out their website if you want to be a 'Bru' boy or girl! 

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  1. Looks so pretty! I like how quirky and cute your necklace is.
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  2. This is without a doubt one of the coolest pieces of jewellery I have seen! Absolutely brilliant. I think you need to get the earrings now!
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