Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mental Health Is Not A Fashion Statement


So this is going to be quite a rant of a post. Fighting the stigma of mental health is something that is very important to me and close to my heart. 

I have previously spoke about this subject in a post from 2014 and I really thought by now companies would stop using mental health illnesses as a fashion statement. Alas even though it is 2016, we are still seeing companies act like illnesses like anxiety or depression are something to poke fun at or make 'quirky'.

This post may come across a little ranty/scatter brain. Apologies in advance.
On a lazy afternoon, I found myself coming across a clothing company via Facebook. I hadn't heard of this company before and decided to have a wee look at their stuff. I scrolled down the categories till I came to a section called "Spirit Animals". Now don't get me started on using that as the name of their collection....

What grabbed my attention first was the item of clothing with Britney Spears on it. Nothing wrong with a Britney top but it was the picture they felt the need to use. We all remember Britney's darkest time in 2007. I've seen people still to this day mocking that moment in her life. Which is just disgusting. To make a top of it to make money? Well that is even worse. 

Alongside Britney, they have Amanda Bynes, Lidnsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin

Now you may just pass this off as a laugh but think about it this way. What if say yourself or a loved one was suffering from a mental health condition. They are going through one of the hardest moments of their life and someone takes a picture of that. Now how would you feel if that picture was then put on a top in a mocking manner? It wouldn't make you feel good at all would it?

Imagine if they had a picture of a celebrity who was or is going through a physical illnesses. That would be distasteful and not cool right? So why is this acceptable when it comes to mental health? 

To top if off, said company also feel the need to sell this 'adorable' jumper and vest: 

Anxiety is so cute and quirky right? No, it is no way any of those things. Feeling nervous is not the same as suffering from anxiety. Feeling a little shy is not the same as suffering from anxiety. Anxiety controls so many aspects of your life and not in a good way. 

I have spoke about this exact subject in a my mental health previous post and I am beyond disgusted to see that this image of anxiety is still getting put out there by companies. 

Companies can be doing so much to actually help fight the stigma of mental health but alas some of them want to just add to that stigma. Having anxiety is serious. Having depression is serious. Having an addiction is serious. Eating disorders are serious. Mental health is not to mock at, glamorise or attempt to make money from with 'quirky' designs.

Stop trying to make my illness a fashion statement. I am looking at you Rad


  1. Quite disappointed to see this from Rad, baffled that anyone can think tops like this are a good idea :S

  2. Can't believe anyone thinks this is OK, like you said they wouldn't make fun of a physical illness so why mental illness. Well done on speaking out, hopefully it gets through to Rad
    Jen xx

  3. Saw a Xmas jumper also
    OCD - obsessive Christmas disorder
    Like what is wrong with these companies mocking people's illnesses !