Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Frankly Ms Shankly's 100th Post


Well, I can hardly believe this is my 100th blog post on Frankly Ms Shankly. It is kind of crazy to think that I've managed or at least attempted to write 100 posts. From someone who just stuck back and read other people's blogs this is an amazing feeling.

After starting my blog over 2 years ago I have been on quite a journey. In many ways my whole life has changed since my first ever post. Some of the changes haven't been great but overall, I have been able to experience amazing things and meet incredible people and a lot of that is down to starting this blog.
Way back in January 2014, I decided to take the plunge and start my very own blog. Back then I wasn't a brilliant writer, not saying I am amazing now but I think (hope) I have improved, but I wanted to have my own space to share my thoughts, feelings and passions. 

I really had no idea in what direction I wanted to go in with Frankly Ms Shankly and I originally planned to be a fashion blogger with a little bit of lifestyle chucked in there. That was until I realised I am not exactly the most fashionable human being in the world. Now I would say I am generally lifestyle with a hint of fashion for good measure.

Through my blog I have found a love for food, helped raise awareness and money for Mental Health, participated in photo shoots and it has even helped me with finding jobs. 

So come join me in a little journey of my highlights of the last two awesome years:

A Weekend Away 

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Style In The City

Finding My Boot Tribe

Online No One Can Hear You Scream

One Bag, Three Outfits

New Camera At Last

Falling In Love With All The Cats

The Kilomathon

Edinburgh Fashion Week

Arthur's Seat, Polka Dots and Beers

Zomato Meet Up At The Plumed Horse

Let's Talk About Antidepressants 

Return To The Magnum

I've been so lucky to have been able to go to amazing events, work with brands and best of all, I've made some amazing friends all from starting this silly blog in 2014. One of the greatest things that has come out of my 'blogging' is that I am starting to know what I want to do with my life. 

I went from working in a bookies and hating it to writing Food & Drink articles as my full time job. Will I always blog forever? Who knows but I have found such a passion for writing and creating digital content that I hope will continue on into the future. 

Lastly I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported myself and this blog of mine. I never expected anyone to even be bothered to read anything I wrote when I first started this. The fact some of you out there seem to, I hope, like my ramblings makes me so happy. You've helped me grow and become a more confident person by showing even a little bit of interest in Frankly Ms Shankly.

I can't wait to see what happens during the next 100 posts but I can't wait to carry on in this journey. 

Till the next time!



  1. yaaaas! this is such a cute post and you defo have made some 'amazing friends' *cough cough*. Here's to another 100 posts!!