Friday, 29 April 2016

Fire Hair By Mathew Watt


In my most recent OOTD post you will have noticed that I've had a little change on the hair front. I've always been a fan of bright red/orange hair and I have been dying my hair this shade for two years now. I say I've been dying... my lovely mother does it for me..

However the dye I have been using for those last two years went through a change and left me with the most lacklustre hair ever. Thankfully Mathew Watt was on the case! 
I've been visiting Mathew in his amazing salon for the last year or so. I'm so picky and fussy with my hair which means I don't trust too many people with it. This is probably why I was happy with using the home dye, especially since my mum is pretty ace at dying hair.

Going from bright paprika coloured hair to washed out lifeless ginger was pretty frustrating. Yes it is only hair after all but having bright hair was a massive confidence booster for me. I could go on and on about how annoyed I was/still am with the company who made my old dye but who cares, I have my fiery hair back and I couldn't be happier. No negativity allowed!

If you haven't heard of Mathew Watt before then you really must get yourself to his salon situated in the West End of Edinburgh. The salon, Mathew Watt Hair, is the creation of Mathew himself and Alex MacDonald - who is a total nail guru by the way.

I had originally went in for a little trim to see if that would life my hair spirits but after sharing my woes with Mathew he straight away showed me the amazing Goldwell Elumen colours that they are now doing. It was like a movie, everything went into slow motion and there I was staring at sample of paprika-amazing hair. 

After doing a little strand test and cut, it was time to be brave and trust someone other than my mother to dye my hair. I honestly can't remember the last time I got my hair dyed in a salon so this was quite a new experience for me.

To say I was happy with the results was an understatement. Going from feeling blah to fiery bad ass, all I could do was just stare in the mirror at my own amazing hair. The colour was spot on and the dye actually took to parts of my hair differently, probably due to the crap dye already on it, but it turned out amazing. It has ended up a bit like 3D fire but on my, well, head!

Throughout the whole process I was talked me through what was going on every step of the way and kept me refreshed with coffee and a wee glass of bubbly. Both Mathew and Alex are incredibly welcoming and they have such a relaxed vibe in their salon which I love. 

So it seems like my home dying days are over which I am sure my mother will be happy about it. My old dye used to stick the house out so least we won't be breathing in evil fumes any more!

Massive thank you to Mathew for putting the fire back into my hair and my confidence. If you fancy a little change or a freshen up, make sure you check out his salon:

Do you like the new hair? Do you feel a change in yourself after a good hair makeover?

Till the next time!


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  1. Omg your hairs look so gorgeous man!! I so wanna opt it too. Methew and Alex did wonder on you no doubt. You look like real diva.