Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Frankly Fashion: Brands I Am Loving


As mentioned in previous posts I have been trying to get back into the world of fashion again. As much as I love writing about food and drink, which I will be continuing to do, I now do it for my full time job so I want to mix it up on Frankly Ms Shankly.

I've recently found myself lusting over certain brands and I want to share my favourites with you all!

Nobody's Child

It seemed like every Scottish blogger was in attendance at Nobody's Child's event at Blow Salon in Glasgow. Alas I was stuck in bed with the flu and was beyond gutted that I couldn't make it. After seeing the amazing photos from the event, I jumped straight on their website. 

First up Nobody's Child are an ethical brand and are out to prove fast fashion doesn't have to "mean low quality or questionable manufacturing practices." I put my hands up and admit that I do purchase clothes from brands that aren't the most ethical but these is something I am looking to change and learn more about.

As soon as I got looking at their online store it was love at first sight. You all know by now that I am a sucker for anything monochrome and Nobody's Child completely nail that look. Here are a few pieces that I am currently lusting after big time (I actually ended up buying the high waisted trousers..)

Black Cape Dress - £15

Rust High Waisted Trousers - £15

Black Deep Plunge Jumpsuit - £25

Hunted Vintage

Hunted Vintage is the brain child of fabulous blogger Nicole Perry behind Allegic To Average. I am a big vintage lover so this was a brand that I knew I would end up loving. 

Nicole has a genuine passion when it comes to vintage clothing and fashion in general which shows through the pieces she has 'hunted' down for the online shop. With so many of us not having time to always be searching through vintage shops, Nicole has done the hard work for us an found amazing one a of kind items!

There is real mix of different styles, eras and brands over on Hunted Vintage. Here are a few of my favourite pieces, bear in mind due to the nature of vintage clothing, they may already be sold out by the time you look at them but it gives you an idea of something of the amazing stuff you can find. 

Pink 80s Structured Shoulders - £25
High Waisted 60s Trousers - £22 *Sold Out*

Balamin-esque Jumpsuit - £36

Sugar & Vice

As much as I love my clothes to be simple and monochrome, when it comes to my jewellery it is a different story. The weirder and the brighter always goes down well in my books. Sugar & Vice are one of my favourites and I am surprised that I have yet to purchase something off them yet. That will be changing after I finish this post...

The founders, Sarah and Matt, saw a gap in the market for aspirational but affordable pieces and made it their mission to fill it. They are both self taught when it comes to the art of laser cut jewellery and produce some of the most fabulous necklaces you will ever see.

From drag inspired pieces to The Shining, I am turning into a big fan of Sugar & Vice. Here are three pieces that are going straight into my wishlist!

The Rest Is Drag Necklace - £16

Bone Necklace - £20

Plancette Earrings - £16

Make sure you check all the amazing brands mentioned and let me know what brands you are currently loving. Help me in my quest to get back into the fashion world!

Till the next time!


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