Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Frankly Favourites: February

Hello again!

So you may have noticed but I seem to have caught the blogging buzz again. After a couple months out of the game, I am back with a bang. Along with my 'Let's Talk About' and 'Frankly Reviews' series, I've decided to share my monthly favourites. A list of everything from film, music, TV programs, blog posts. Everything I just love during the month.

With February being the month of love and pancakes, dive into what I've been loving this week.


The Hateful Eight: By far my favourite film of this month has to be The Hateful Eight. Seeing I am quite a Tarantino fan as it is, I was naturally going to love this newest project. I found it be one of his best films even though many seemed to disagree. Yes it wasn't as action packed at Django Unchained or Kill Bill but it had a lot of elements that reminded me of Reservoir Dogs, which will always be my favourite of his films.

Bone Tomahawk: Okay, I had a lot of mixed feelings about this film which you can read about in my previous post. Though for all its faults and mixed feelings it gave me, it has stuck with me a lot. It may of not been my favourite film that I've ever seen but I personally think it's worth any horror fan watching. 


The Walking Dead: This month we saw the return of the Walking Dead after its mid season break thing. That break has to be the most frustrating thing about American TV programs. The Walking Dead's mid season premier was just fantastic, especially for fans of the comics. Sometimes I find The Walking Dead can be a little bit hit and miss even though I do count it as one of my favourite programs but this episode blew me away.

Making a Murderer: Now I am pretty sure I watched this last month but I finally got my partner to watch it too and managed to catch a couple of the episodes again. I'm honestly never been a massive lover of documentary style programs but this show is something else. If you have seen it to you will understand when I say that it is beyond addictive!


2016 started with the incredibly sad new of David Bowie's passing. I have been a long-time fan and admirer of Bowie. His music meant so much to me and his style influenced a lot of what I wore when I was an awkward teenager and as an awkward adult. Though his passing was last month, I've not stopped replaying his albums.

Station to Station: By far Bowie's most underrated and overlooked album. It may only contain 6 songs but all 6 are fantastic. Golden Years has always been one of my all time favourite songs and the title track is 10 minutes of wonderfulness. Its one of those albums that I can happily listen the whole way through, no filler tracks at all. The Thin White Duke will always have a special place in my heart.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust: One of Bowie's most well-known and well-loved albums. The glam rock era was in full swing and Ziggy was the leader for many. I could go on and on about why this album really is fantastic but just listen to it yourself. Switch off, lie down and enjoy.

Blog Posts

Wardrobe Conversations: Helen and Kimberley are the amazing ladies behind Wardrobe Conversations. Recently the two has a week-long Galentine's Day series which, yours truly, got involved in. Check out their 'Top 5: Galentine's Day Inspiration' for fun and quirky ideas you can do all year long with your best girl friends.

Brass Buttons & Confidence: Everyone knows how much I love food and Sarah's tasty looking 'Cheer Up Chocolate Brownies' have my stomach rumbling. If only I was as good at cooking as I am eating food then I would be making these for myself!

Roll on March!

Till the next time


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  1. I am bloody loving your frankly blog buzzes!! Your reviews and favourites are quite frankly (pardon the pun) fantastic!!