Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Burger Heaven at Bread Meats Bread

Hello there!

I think we all aware by now that burgers are a pretty big deal. It's almost impossible to go into your local city and not find loads of burger based restaurants. You could in a way say it's overkill but this girl loves a burger and all these burger joints make this girl a happy lady. 

After trying pretty much all of the time best burger places in Edinburgh, it was time for me to tackle the new player on the scene, Glasgow's favourite: Bread Meats Bread
As soon as I heard about Bread Meats Bread I just knew I had to go. I actually had a whole Glasgow trip planned one weekend. Vintage shopping and burgers, it was supposed to be the perfect weekend but tragedy struck. I ended up stuck in hospital getting surgery and with that my burger heaven dreams were dashed.

That was until I heard the news that Bread Meats Bread were opening up a new restaurant in my very own city. You would think I would have been there the first day it opened but alas life got in the way and it took me a good few weeks for me to finally visit. 

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the lovely and friendly staff and shown to a table. You sadly can't book ahead and I was a little concerned that it would be too busy due to it's popularity but we ended up in a little table near the bar/kitchen. As I have mentioned before in previous foodie posts, I weirdly love an open kitchen look. I really enjoy watching food being made so I was quite into the fact that you can see into the kitchen. 

I didn't need to look at the menu too long as being my usual nosy self I had actually checked it before my visit. Instantly I knew the 'Lothian Wolf' was the one for me. Beef, American cheese, crispy bacon, pulled pork and 'Ndujo mayo. Some of you Glasgow lot will know it as 'Wolf Of St Vincent Street'. A fun little twist they have is naming some of the burgers according to the location. As I imagine you have guessed by now that the Edinburgh branch is on Lothian Road. Sam, my 'man friend', ended up going for 'Sunshine On Beef' (Full House Burger for you Glasgow kids).

One of the first things that caught my eye on the menu was the 'Carmelised Sweet Potato Fries'. I am a big fan of sweet potato fries but at that point had never ever tried a carmelised version. So of course I had to order a portion. Now, the original plan was to share said beautiful fries but Sam wasn't feeling the thought of them and just wanted normal chips. Boring I know. So being the greedy sods that we are... we just ordered both (more on that later than plan later...)

Lothian Wolf Burger

Carmelised Sweet Potato Fries

Now before you say "that burger doesn't look very appealing", sometimes true beauty cannot be captured by a camera. This was quite frankly a babe of a burger. It's deceivingly small in the photo but trust me this was one big beauty. The meat itself was cooked perfectly, they ask you how you like it done when you order, and the pulled pork was everything I ever wanted. Too many times when you get a burger which is packed full of meat it can taste a little dry but not this one. It was juicy, meaty and delicious. Apologies to any veggies/vegans reading this... 

The carmelised sweet potato fries was a massive hit with me. So as you know we both ordered two portions of chips, this was a bad idea. The chips can easily and probably should be shared between at least two people. You get such a massive portion. Not that I was complaining because these fries blew me away. I ended up not being able to the finish them but the staff asked me if would like to take them home in a take a way bag and I was all over that plan. 

I sadly didn't get a chance to take a picture of Sam's burger since he was on it as soon as it landed in front of him. Like my burger, it was big and beautiful. That's all you really need to know. 

So did Bread Meats Bread live up to the hype you ask? Why yes it did. Ever since my visit I have raved about it to everyone I meet. Yes you might think we don't really need another burger place in Edinburgh but you are wrong. I'm a girl who has had her fair share of burgers and this by far was my favourite. 

Friendly and helpful staff, great value for money, damn tasty burger. I can't wait for my next visit.

To finish off with this post, have a picture of my happy burger face:

Let me know if you have visited Bread Meats Bread or if you plan to now!

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  1. oh good lord that burger looks phenomenal, I pass this on my way home every day and mean to swing by, now it's definitely happening!

    The Little Things | Louise x

    1. Oh you must check it out. Make sure you go on an empty stomach though!