Friday, 4 December 2015

Breaking out of my comfort zone With Ted & Muffy

Hello there!

It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to our summer shoes and say hello to winter boots. Over the years my love affair with boots has just grown. From someone who refused to wear anything else other than 'dolly shoes', I am so glad I have found my new love. I also think my poor feet are happy to not be cramped in those little shoes of hell. 

Last year, I was luckily enough to attend a bloggers event at Duo and came away with the most beautiful ankle boots ever. Those bad boys have seen me through many events, weddings, parties and night outs during the year. When I found out that Duo had actually had changed their whole image and name to 'Ted & Muffy', I was quite excited to find out more about their new direction! 

Over forty years ago Ted Maltby and Myfanwy Davies came together and opened up their first Duo shop and since then the company has grown into a global footwear brand. Recently though the owners decided it was time for a little change. They felt after all these years something had changed and they wanted to bring that magic back into the company. They went back to basics and we now have 'Ted & Muffy'. Named after the owners of course. 

After having such a lovely time at their last event, I couldn't wait to see what they had in store for us this time. The shop itself in Edinburgh has had a little makeover too. Before it had quite an earthy feel with a lot of floral but now it's a little more stripped back. White walls and white displays which I think really shows of the boots wonderfully. Once inside we were greeted with a glass of bubbly and we went out about hearing the story behind 'Ted and Muffy'. 

Once everyone had a good catch up and maybe another sneaky glass of bubbly it was time to find out perfect boots. Being the 'ankle boot' lover that I am, I was straight over to that section. I did come across some beautiful boots but there was this little part of me that kept looking over at the knee hights. What was a I thinking? I'm not a knee high boot girl. I have thighs that could rival Tina Turner but for some reason I was just drawn to one pair in particular....
 They were everything that I would normally avoid in a boot but yet it was like they were calling my name. I decided to ignore them and tried on a couple of pairs of ankle boots but I just couldn't get them off my mind. That urge became stronger after seeing my friends trying them on. The staff member who served me knew that I lusted after them and convinced me to try them on even though I was pretty sure they wouldn't fit me at all. Oh how wrong was I. You see Ted & Muffy pride themselves on their 'Fairytale Fit'. They have an array of calf and width fittings so they will make sure they find the perfect boot for you. 

Viola. The boots actually fitted me. Almost like a glove. The Empress boot is a stretch boot so it almost pulls over your leg like it's a sock. As soon as I had these bad boys on, I knew I couldn't look back.  I wanted to wear them everywhere from work to just lounging around in my flat. My only issue with the heel size which is a little bigger and thinner than what I am used to but practice makes perfect and I am sure by Christmas I won't look like bambi on ice. Hopefully...

About a week later, my babies arrived in this beautiful designed box. The 'Duo' box was a lot simplier and dare I say a little plain but the new 'Ted & Muffy' look is beautiful and really ties in well with the whole 'Fairytale' theme. 

Of course I had to put them on and take some pictures:

Coat: H&M
Vest: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: River Island
Bag: Primark
Boots: Ted & Muffy (of course) 

As you can see I've not exactly got the smallest legs in town but I love how flattering these boots actually are with my big tree trunk legs. It just goes to show you that you shouldn't completely dismissive a style of clothing or boots just because of your body shape. You should also always listen to the staff at Ted & Muffy. Those girls know their stuff and will make sure you walk away a happy lady.

Now I just need to think of outfits I can pair with them since I am so used to an ankle boot. Any suggestions would be most appreciated as I am fearful of looking a bit too much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. 

Massive thank you for Ted & Muffy for inviting us bloggers along to the store and for gifting us with such beautiful boots. 

Make sure you visit your nearest store or pop online to find make your 'Boot' Fairytale come true!

Till the next time!



  1. These look absolutely amazing on you! And go you for breaking out of your comfort zone!

  2. Wow, what a stunning looking boots. They look perfect and suit you well.