Sunday, 2 August 2015

OOTD: Touching Thighs and Oreo Cake


I finally bought myself a new pair of jeans so of course I felt a blog post was needed. This may not seem like a big deal, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been very wary of wearing jeans and trousers but I have been trying to build up my confidence with them. So after a couple of years of only owning really two pairs of jeans that I wear, I "borrowed" a pair from my mother and bought myself another pair!
 Everyone has a part of their body that they are self conscious of and for me it is my legs. Specifically my thighs. Recently there has been a lot of talk about thigh gaps and how all women should have one. Stuff like that really irritates me and honestly, knocked at my confidence even more when it came to my legs. Even when I was at my smallest, I still always had rather, erm, powerful thighs!

They touch and you know what, I am completely fine with that. It's just how I am built and there is nothing wrong with. Just like there is nothing wrong if your thighs don't touch. It's about time we started to all embrace how amazing and different our bodies are!

No more hiding my thighs under long baggy tops when I wear jeans. I have a bit of a booty and I should flaunt that. So, today I was going to wear a slightly more cropped top:

 Jeans: Primark
Top: Primark 
Boots: New Look
Jacket: George at Asda
Bag: Primark
Booty: All mine

I had been wanting to get myself a pair of black skinnies again for a while and I just fell in love with this pair from Primark. It can sometimes be difficult finding high waisted jeans to fit, due to my small waist but slightly larger... behind, but these pair are so comfy! 

I also purchased this top from Primark a while ago but found myself only wearing it once. I actually do like a crop top but I always felt self conscious wearing this one with jeans. Seeing as the weather is not being incredibly lovely, I felt I had to include a bit of summer into my outfit. Makes a little change from the completely black and white looks I tend to go for. 

So me and my new jeans decided to take a little trip to Mimi's Bakehouse aka my favourite places in Edinburgh. I could go on and on about how amazing this cafe is but honestly I think you just need to check it out for yourself. Today I decided to go for a vanilla latte and Oreo chocolate cake, which was so rich but amazing. It would have been wrong for me to not share this in my post!

I am actually hoping to try do more body confidence related posts and would love to possibly do some collaborations. So, let me know if you would be up for that! 

Till the next time!




  1. I can barely look at your Oreo cake because I want to eat it so much but Mimis is now closed for the day! Its one of my fave places to go for yummy cake. Such a pretty cafe.

    Fab outfit and even better message that we should embrace our body types whatever shape or size. The world would be so boring if we all looked the same! x

  2. I love your new jeans! You look gorgeous and powerful thighs are for powerful women. Love you Emily!!

  3. Looking gorgeous Emily! Rock your curves! :D

  4. If you're up for a body-posi post collab just let me know sweetie, I think that sounds amazing! xx

    1. Oh, yes I would love that. We should really try organise something soon!