Monday, 17 August 2015

OOTD: Monochrome, Pink Lemonade and MFS

Why, fancy meeting you here!

I've been a right busy little bee these last couple of weeks. Starting a new job, attending some events and having drinks with my wonderful friends. I think it's safe to say that I need a holiday soon. By holiday I of course mean a week just being lazy in bed....

Last week, I found out that I was a finalist for Metropolitan Fashion Show's Fashion Blogger of 2015. I couldn't quite believe I had even been nominated, never mind being in the top 3. Especially since I was up against two of my favourite bloggers:  Love From Lou Lou and Wardrobe Conversations

So what does one wear for a casual ceremony to announce the winner? 

Vest: Primark
Jacket: Primark
Trousers: New Look
Trainers: New Look
Bag: Primark
Necklace: Primark

Since I am trying to save money this month, it was all about raiding my wardrobe for something I already own. I decided to play it safe and stick to what I know best, so of course it was going to be a monochrome outfit. These trousers have probably appeared in far too many OOTD posts but I just love them. They are so comfy and can be worn in so many ways. Dressed up and dressed down. Quite honestly I have been on the hunt to find a pair like them but alas I am having no luck!

It may be summer but that doesn't mean that I am going to completely change my style. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing little 50s sun dresses but I feel my best wearing black. Anyway, I did wear a vest with it and that's pretty summery....yeah?

The even itself was really nice and chilled. The whole team behind Metropolitan Fashion Show were there and us bloggers who were up for the award. As you can see there wasn't any drama or Kayne West moments from us guys. We are all friends and I was going to be so happy for whoever won. Quite frankly, compared to all of those ladies, I didn't feel like my blog is anywhere as good as theirs! 

Wardrobe Conversations ended up winning and I couldn't be more thrilled. Those two are possibly the most stylish, friendliest, talented ladies I have ever met! 

Before the announcement, there was a BBQ at Beer & Skittles, which is bar far one of my favourite bars in Edinburgh, and since it was so lovely I thought I would finish this post up with a couple of pictures of what I had:

Hot dog with cheese and chicken wings!

The best pink lemonade in all the land

I also visited Foodies Festival recently but since I have been a bit all over the place this week, my post is not yet live but keep your eyes peeled. It's coming soon. Just make sure you're not hungry when you read it...

Till the next time!



  1. You look beautiful! That hot dog *love heart eyes emoji* xx

    1. Thank you lovely!
      It was one beautiful hot dog


  2. Congrats for the nomination. Love your works so well together. And that lemonade looks gorgeous! Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. Thank you so much lovely. It really was the best lemonade I have ever had!


  3. You are the monochrome queen! Loved this outfit and loved hanging with you! H&K x

    1. Ooh thank you wonderful ladies! Congrats again, was lovely to see you two!


  4. Love the outfit Emily, especially the trousers - lush! Congrats on your nomination, it sounds like such a fun evening. I've never eaten in bar and skittles before but that hot dog looks amazing! x