Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hair by JFK

Why hello there!

I recently got the chance to visit Hair by JFK in Bruntsfield for a little cut and blow dry*. I had heard so many good things about this salon so I was pretty excited to pop in. After a pretty hectic monthly, I was long overdue a nice relaxing trip and a much needed new do.
After being contacted by the lovely Kelly from AJC PR, I was all booked in for an appointment with Charlie. I had, at the time, been working up at Morningside and always passed JFK on the bus, so I was always intrigued to see what it was like from the inside. It did not disappoint!

 I pretty much fell in love with the Zebra theme inside. The black and white against the red is such a striking look and I loved the elegant but modern theme inside the salon!

Once I had sat down, Charlie went through with me what I wanted done. I've been really enjoying it short recently, so I didn't want to change it too much. Just a big of a tidy up was the plan for me. So off I popped to get my hair washed and was surprised to find that my chair was actually a massaging one! You can't beat getting your hair washed and a good massage all in one!

And the little wonderful surprises didn't stop there. Before I had went off to get my hair washed, I was asked what I would like to drink. Being that it was 10am, a coffee was pretty much high on the agenda for me. When I came back I found something wonderful sitting next to my cappuccino

A cake pop! Yes, a lovely big of chocolate sponge on a stick. Everywhere should offer you a cake pop. Hairdressers, doctors, dentists...okay maybe not dentists as such... 
I got so excited that I managed to actually drop my cake pop but the team were lovely enough to offer to replace it for me. Once I had settled down from all the cake poppy excitement, it was time to for my hair to look healthy and normal again. 

Charlie was really helpful and was able to answer any questions I had regarding my hair. Since I've been having it curly recently it's made it a lot drier due to all the sea salt spray but after my visit to JFK, my hair felt amazing. I've never felt my hair so bouncy and light before. All that was really used in my hair was some volumizing powder and curled at the ends with the straighteners. Something which Charlie made look easy, but I just know I would somehow burn my face!

As mentioned before, the salon itself is really lovely and one of the things that really stood out for me is that they raise money for Edinburgh Dog and Cat home and have little treats down stairs for the dogs. As someone who is a massive animal lover, this was a lovely touch. In fact there were a few little dogs in the salon which you can't hate! Even if I am more of a cat person. 

I really loved my trip to JFK and will be going back for sure for another big bouncy blowdry. It was such a shame that I didn't have plans later on that day so I could show it off. From the amazing zebra themed decor to the generally just lovely staff, it was wonderful salon! Also the cake pop was a massive winner for me! 

If you want to book yourself an appointment, pop onto their website now and you could get yourself some big bouncy curls too:

Till the next time!


*I was asked to visit JFK for a review. My cut and blowdry was complimentary but all views are my own, 

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  1. Looking gorgeous as ever, Emily! JFK looks like such a cool salon!