Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Arthur's Seat, Polka Dots and Beers

Hello again!

As you are all probably aware of now, I live in Edinburgh. I'm actually originally from Livingston but I've always been a lover of this city. Since it's only a 20 minute or so train away from my home town, I used to visit here a lot. I always knew I wanted to live here though. Why wouldn't I? It's a truly beautiful city full of history and culture. 

When I was younger, I used to visit all the 'touristy things' but not so much as an adult. I can't remember the last time I even visited the castle. My lovely other half is from England and has lived in Edinburgh for over four years but yet I've not been great in showing him some of the amazing sights in Edinburgh. We've been to so many pubs, restaurants and shops in this city but have missed out some much of the history of this city. So, the other day we decided it was time for a trip up Arthur's Seat!

Now for any of you that have never been to Edinburgh or know much about it, Arthur's Seat is the main peek of a group of hills. It is actually an extinct volcano like the rock that Edinburgh Castle was built on. Now after a little bit of googling, I found out that is actually 822ft high and has some of most breathtaking views of the city.  Now it is a bit of a bloody climb and if the weather is rubbish, you are not going to have fun at all. For someone with dodgy knees like myself, I did do a fair bit of moaning on my way. Once you do get past that and get to the top, it all becomes completely worth it.
We were lucky that we picked a day that was a little windy but fairly sunny.

As you can see, you really do get the best view of the whole city from up there. My camera has a pretty good zoom on it which was very handy for myself. I am actually terrified of heights, I am always convinced I am going to fall. So sadly I couldn't get too close to the edge, but I did manage to get some half decent photos of the city below. I was even able to find my flat using the zoom. It was nice to get a chance to use my camera more. So far it's mainly been used for taking pictures of food and outfits, so it was good to see how well it would work for landscape pictures. I was pretty impressed. I really just need to sit down and go through all the 101 settings!

So what do you do after a big healthy walk up a hill? You go to the pub of course!

On the other side of Arthur's Seat is Duddingston. It's not somewhere I had been before but heard good things about the local pub, The Sheep Heid Inn. Which is actually said to be Scotland's oldest pub. It's a lovely little place with a really pretty beer garden. I can see myself going back in the summer for a pint or three.

I also decided to do some outfit photos (of course I did).
Most of the time my photos are taken outside of my flat and I do like the big stone wall we have but it was nice to have a change of scenery!

Polka Dot Shirt: Primark
Jumper: H&M
Faux Leather Jacket: George at Asda
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Primark
Trainers: New Look
Necklace: I actually can't remember...sorry!

After realising that I have been wearing alot of monochrome recently, I decided to try insert a little colour to my outfit. Okay, so I am wearing a dark jacket, jumper and jeans but just look at how colourful that bloody Toucan is? He isn't into the 'Tailored Goth' look now is he?

I bought my polka dot shirt a long time ago and it's always stayed a firm favourite of mine. It's actually a long sleeveless shirt but I think it looks best when it is tucked in under a jumper. Just adds a fun pop of colour to a simple outfit. 

I am going to make more an effort this year to do all the touristy things in Edinburgh with Sam. It's crazy to live in such a city full of history and not check it all out. 

If you have any recommendations on places I should take him to, let me know!

Till the next time


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  1. You look fab! Love the polka dot shirt. Amazing photos of Edinburgh :)