Friday, 13 February 2015

Love is in the air with Argento

Hello again!

So it's that time of the year. 
 Yes love is all around us......

Okay, first things first. You know how you get people who can't be arsed with Christmas? Well you can just call me the Grinch of Valentines Day. Yes everyone, I'm not the biggest fan of this day. It's not like I don't like seeing people loved up or being loved up myself, I just think it's the moody teenage goth in me trying to break out.

 But then Argento came along with a lovely email telling me all about their Valentines range and that they were going to send me a little surprise gift. Well, my icy heart melted a little bit. 

A couple of weeks later my surprise arrived and I was a very excited lady. I couldn't wait to see what was in store for me.

Obviously I had to open the little jewellery box first. I instantly fell in love with this little bad boy.
I love a statement necklace and this one is just beautiful. Completely up my street!
It's the sort of necklace you can pair up with a simple tshirt. It's all about letting your jewellery do the talking sometimes!

Next up is the lovely candle from Scent. This was a brand I had never actually came across before but going by how wonderful this candle is, I will be checking them out a lot more. It had such a calming, relaxing smell which is perfect for a night in.

I also recieved this Vita Liberata tanning mousse and tanning mitt. Okay, so this isn't really for me. I'm a girl that likes to look like a ghost but it will be going to a good home (My mother's)

Okay..... As soon as I saw this was a 'selfie stick', I did a little laugh. I've been rather negative about selfie sticks in the past but quite honestly I did fancy getting one. I was ridiculously excited to try it. So I put on my snazzy new necklace and gave it a go:

Better still, the lovely people at Argento have given me a special code so you can get 20% off on your next purchase (excludes Pandora & Nomination)
All you need to do is pop onto the Argento website:
Type in the code LOVE20 and voila, you can spoil yourself rotten!

So I must say a Massive thank you to Argento for the lovely gift and the voucher code.

Don't forget to check out the gorgeous valentines range on the wesbite!

And remember Valentines Day really is just another day. If you are spending it with a loved one, relax and just enjoy yourself, you don't need to get stressed over it all. Same applies if you are single, just pass it off as a normal day and treat yourself and laugh at the dafties like me getting angry in card shops!

Till the next time!



  1. Oh I love that necklace! & can I just say that your hair color is pretty!
    Jade x

    1. It's so pretty eh? It's really different as well. Stands out :)

      Aw thank you so much lovely xx