Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Falling in love with all the cats

Hello again!
What's that you say? Another blog post?
Why yes it bloody well is.

Ever since I found out that a cat cafe was coming to Edinburgh, I was beside myself with excitement. I'm a massive fan of cats. I spent pretty much my whole life growing up with cats in my family. Infact they have four right now. Sadly renting a flat means having a cat for myself is totally out of the question, so the idea of going somewhere to have a wee cup of tea and a cuddle with a fluffy kitten filled me with joy. 

After persuading my cat hating boyfriend for weeks, I finally got to visit Maison de Moggy

So what is a cat cafe you ask? Well like most cafes you get tea, coffee and cakes but this very special type of cafe features, you guessed it, cats!
It's a place where you can really just relax and enjoy the company of these adorable felines. 

Once you enter, you learn about the house rules. Basically these are taking your shoes off, not feeding the cats anything you have brought, not picking them up and not taking pictures with the flash on. It's all about making sure the cats are comfortable and happy. Trust me after having numerous bites and scratches in my life, you don't want to piss a cat off.

First thing we did was sit down at table, order our drinks and then it was off to roam around. You have to book ahead to visit the cafe but you don't book a set table, the whole point is that you can wander around and see the cats. 

The environment is very relaxed and calming actually. I can be quite a stressful human being so it was nice to sit down, have a cup of tea and watch the adorable little cats go about their business. We went around 4pm, so a lot of the cats were a little sleepy. I'm always pretty jealous of the napping skills on them. 

They have so many different types of cats too. From ragdolls to main coons to British shorthairs. They are all such an adorable social bunch. Such lovely well behaved cuddly cats!

Here are a few pictures from my time at Maison de Moggy:

As you can imagine, I didn't want to leave after our hour was up. I just wanted to cuddle the cats all day long. One day I will live my dream of being a crazy cat lady. One day!

If you are a big cat lover and in Edinburgh then I totally recommend you check them out. Just make sure you book your space as it can be busy. You have to pay a cover charge of £6 (£7 at weekend) and that goes towards looking after those pretty babies!

You can check their website out here:

Let me know if you have ever been to a cat cafe before. I'm going to make it my mission to visit all the cat cafes that I can!

Till the next time!



  1. I'm hopefully going to visit here soon and I can't wait! It's pretty much my life's ambition to open a cat cafe.. x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. Oh you will love it! It's just such a nice relaxing environment too.

      That would be like the perfect job as well. Coffee, cake and cats. My three favourite things :)