Monday, 2 February 2015

Frankie & Benny's at Fort Kinnaird


I was very excited when the lovely ladies at Hummingbird Communications sent me a £20 voucher to try out Frankie and Benny's at Fort Kinnaird. I'm a girl who just loves to eat all the food, so obviously I was pretty excited to go along. 

Now the week I went was actually national breakfast week but due to being a sleepy woman in the morning, I missed out. Which is a shame, I do enjoy a good fry up.
When we got to Fort Kinnaird, it was around lunch time so we were able to go for the Pronto lunch menu. Being the greedy guts that we are, we had to go for the 3 course meal. Why not eh!?

After ordering our food and drinks, it was time to relax and take in our surroundings. I'm a big fan of 'American Diner' style restaurants and Frankie and Benny's really goes for the look. From the booths with the red coloured seats to the 50's music. I just love it. 
Sometimes that whole style can be a little on the tacky side (which I actually like) but it was done in a very tasteful way. Not too in your face!


I of course went for crispy coated chicken strips. How could I resist them?
The chicken was very tender and tasty. There is nothing worse that tough, tasteless chicken but these almost had that melt in the mouth effect. They went perfectly with the red french dressing. Now at the time I was a little disappointed with the fact you only get two strips. I told you I was greedy....
In hindsight, it was a good thing but I could have happily had a third one. 

Sam went for the garlic dough balls, which you can never go wrong with. I naturally tried a couple of them out and they were very tasty. My only complaint would be that I think the dip could have been a little more garlicy. I want to be able to scare away all the vampires. You got to be prepared for these things you know.


I go through phases with certain things. Be it music, food, TV programs. Once I find something I like, I go hard with it. At the moment I have found myself in love with hot dogs and American style mustard. I just can't get enough of it, so I had to order the classic hot dog. 
As you can see it was covered in mustard and ketchup which made me a happy lady indeed. Sadly I wasn't loving the bun, which could have been a little fluffier. It just seem a little overcooked. The sausage itself was tasty which made up for that downside. 

Sam's main course was the Cajun mayo burger. I never tried it myself due to my hatred of onions and pickles but it did look a 'tasty' burger. Yes when I typed that I did think of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. I asked my better half if he enjoyed his meal, and he had no complaints!


I will always stand by saying 'Desserts are the best part of a meal'.
Just look at that bad boy above and try to disagree with me. You just can't. 
As soon as I saw brownies and ice cream on the menu, I knew it had to be mine. I'm not sure I can say much about this beautiful thing. From the warm chocolate brownie to the creamy cold ice cream. It was quite frankly perfect.

Sadly it was the tipping point for me. I was incredibly full! 

I really regret not trying Sam's cinnamon waffle crunch. It looked and smelled incredible. Next time  I will have to give it ago.

 I really enjoyed my meal at Frankie and Benny's, it has a really nice chilled out atmosphere and overall the food was really enjoyable. I really recommended the pronto lunch menu, at £10.95 for three courses, you can't really go wrong with that. My only regret was eating so much food, I didn't have space for a cocktail. And we all know how much I love them!

To finish off my post, here is a little OOTD from the day:

Coat: H&M
Top: Gap
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Belt: From an old River Island playsuit
Bag: H&M
Boots: Duo

Massive thank you to Hummingbird Communications, Fort Kinnaird and Frankie and Benny's for the lovely lunch date. I really need to visit Fort Kinnaird more! Mainly for the TK Maxx. Which I may have popped in before getting my bus home. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know what is your favourite part of a meal!
Are you with me on the dessert being the best?

Till the next time



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  1. I've actually never been to Frankie & Benny's, but it seems like a really good option for an affordable lunch!