Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Year, New Camera, New Hair!

Hello again!
At the start of this year I promised myself that I would really work on my blog. Well... that didn't really go to plan did it? But, I am here now.
The reason I've not blogged much in January is well, it's a pretty rubbish month. For me January is all about being skint and working loads. I just had zero motivation when it came to writing up a post.

Until now....

So yes, as the title of this post says, I finally have got myself a new camera.
 Took me long enough eh? No more grainy iPhone photos for me!

So to kick of my new found motivation, I've decided to do a little OOTD post. 

Did I mention I got my hair chopped off too?

 Coat: River Island
Shirt: Primark
Disco Pants: Primark
Boots: New Look
Bag: H&M

Necklace: Primark

So yeah onto the hair situation. After a good while of debating about getting it cut shorter, I decided to take the plunge and just go for it. I hate the whole 'New Year, New Me' crap but after letting so much get on top of me recently, I felt it was time for a change. It's strange how a new hair cut can just change so much. Especially if you are cutting it short. It's almost liberating. 

If you are debating going a little shorter then I really recommended you just go for it. The worst that could happen is you hate it but it will grow back. Be daring!

I must say a massive thank you to the very talented Mathew Watt for giving me such a fabulous cut. If you are in the Edinburgh area and looking for a new do, then you must check him out at The Temple Salon.

I know I said no more grainy iPhone photos but how I one supposed to take a picture of a new camera...

So this is my new baby. 
I've been wanting a new decent camera for a while now but we all know they aren't the cheapest things to get. After much hunting for a bridge camera, I came across a good deal on the Canon PowerShot SX510 on Argos. I know everyone says to get a DSLR and trust me I really wanted one but alas they are totally out of price range right now.

Over the next couple of weeks, I have a few events and blog ideas going on. I can't wait to take it out and properly use it. 

I actually brought it out with me today and got a few pictures.

I can already see such a difference in the quality of my pictures. I really just need to sit down and work out all the settings but so far I am really happy with it. It also has amazing quality when taking a video, so I am a little tempted to start a youtube channel. What do you think?

So that is all for now. I can't wait to get right back into the blogging game this year.
So many exciting things to share with you all!

Bring it on 2015. I have a new hair cut, new camera and I can't wait to see what this year has in store.
Till the next time!



  1. I have a Sony bridge camera and I find it does more than enough for me at the moment. Same - I would love a flashy camera but pennies are more suited to a bridge ;)
    Good luck using it, and with your possible YouTube venture!

  2. Loving this look! i've been so tempted to cut my hair much shorter but i'm way too hesitant at the same time! Yours look great though.
    Love the leopard coat too!
    Lizzie xx

  3. I absolutely love your hair!