Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Finding my 'Boot Tribe' with DUO

Hello again!
Last month I got a very exciting email. One of those emails that you read back just to make sure you got it all. I was getting to pop along to the DUO shop in Edinburgh (Fitting Rooms they call them).
I had previously never really seen much of what DUO offer but I was definitely excited to go along and find out more.

The DUO brand was born in 1974 in Bath with their first collection of Italian made shoes. Since then they have opened up three other stores in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. They have became a brand known for their quality and diverse range. Winning several awards and lauching their website into countries across Europe. 

One of the most exciting things I learned about DUO was the massive range in sizes. They offer up to 21 calf sizes in boots and shoes in 3 widths. 

The Edinburgh store is gorgeous!

The ever so lovely PR girls in their DUO boots.

On entering the shop, we were greeted by the lovely PR ladies from Octane Communication Studio and the amazing shop stuff from the Edinburgh branch of DUO. The shop is just gorgeous inside. Floral walls, massive mirrors, chandeliers and most importantly lots of boots!

Also for us bloggers, there was lots of food and fizz on offer for us. I made friends pretty quickly with the cheese bread stick things. In fact I may have consumed most of them...

Boots everywhere!

I miss those cheese sticks. 

After learning all about DUO, we got to find out what boot tribe we are apart of. The choices were ankle, knee high or over the knee!
The most amazing part of the evening was the fact once we found our dream boot, we would get them sent out to us free of charge. How amazing is that?  I felt like a right lucky lady indeed.

Before the event, I had a little nosy at the website and had a good idea what I was looking out for.
I think it's safe to say that I am apart of the Ankle boot tribe. You just can't go wrong with them! I was slightly temped by the idea of a Over The Knee but sadly I lack the confidence to go for that right now.

Us blogging ladies do enjoy a glass of fizz!

Massive mirrors are the best

I thought finding my boot of choice would be easily but alas not! They have so many ankle boots on offer, I was a bit like a child in a sweetie shop.
There comes a moment in your life when you find the one and just know it. Be that a partner, a handbag, a job...
Well I had my 'the one' boot moment in the form of these gorgeous bad boys:

We even had tags to clip on the boots with our blog headers!

I just fell in love with them instantly. These are called Sanna and they are just fabulous.
I'm not great with heels at all so for a second I was a little worried that they might be bad for my little feet but due to the platform sole and chunky heel, they feel like a dream. It's nice to find a pair of shoes that give me height but don't have me almost crying in pain.

DUO promo photo of the 'Sanna' boots.

The staff were just fantastic in the shop. There was a good few of us there and they made sure we all got help to find the perfect pair of boots. I was really impressed by the service we all received. Since I went for ankle boots, I didn't need a calf measuring but I am now intrigued to how that all goes. Maybe next time I am on a hunt for new boots, I may be brave enough to go for something a little different!

It was also great to see some of my favourite blogging ladies again. I just adore the ladies in the above picture and you should check out their blogs: Love From Lou Lou & Wardrobe Conversations.

Here is what I wore for the event:

Top: The Gap
Leggings: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Boots: New Look
Bag: Primark

I had such an amazing evening and I was the happiest woman ever when my boots arrived a week after. I went to the Metropolitan Fashion Show event that night, so of course they came along with me. I can't wait to wear them to nights out during December. Infact I don't think they will ever leave my feet.

I will need to get a proper OOTD photo with my boots!

Massive thank you to DUO and Octane for organizing this amazing event and for the gorgeous boots. I'm so glad I found out about DUO, I think they will become my new favourites for shoes. Make sure you check them out!

What boot tribe are you part of?

Till the next time


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