Thursday, 13 November 2014

Edinburgh Dungeons


I had planned for this post to go live in October but sadly things got a little hectic and this did not happen. Better late then never though eh?

So last month, my blog was based around all things spooky. So in keeping with that theme I was invited to have a little day out at the Edinburgh Dungeons. (aka the day I realised that I am a massive chicken)

Yes, big old Emily who has spent the full month watching horror films and mostly going on about how much they don't scare me, ended up screeching like a banshee.

I had visited the dungeons before when I was younger and going through my 'goth' phase. So naturally I loved it then. Going back as an adult was a very different experience for me.

During the month of October Burke was back at the Edinburgh Dungeons!

Here is a little bit about what the Edinburgh Dungeons actually is from their website:

The Edinburgh Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s hilarious fun and it’s sometimes a bit scary.
We love it. We know you will too. Here's why:
  • Better, bolder and funnier for 2014 with a brand NEW show
  • 11 actor led shows with the finest and funniest of Scottish acting talent
  • State of the art theming and special effects
  • Two awesome underground rides
  • Laughs, screams and cutting edge storytelling
We're the black comedy of attractions; dark, atmospheric and very very funny.

The Edinburgh Dungeon is an 80 minute journey through 1000 years of Scotland 's horrible history. Tours leave around 10 minutes apart and guided by a full cast of actors, you and your companions then move from show to show. You will laugh and scream as you encounter gripping storytelling, exciting rides and thrilling special effects. It's based on real history and legend (minus the boring bits) where you come face-to-face with sinister characters from Scotland's gruesome past, including murderous twosome Burke and Hare and Scotland's Warrior Hero William Wallace. Experience the disastrous effects of the plague in Street of Sorrows, the fearsome torture chamber and the Legend of Sawney Bean.
It's a fully themed experience. That means 360° sets, full on authenticity and theatrical storytelling. On your journey you'll pass through the Caves of Galloway, plague-ravaged closes, the fearsome torture chamber... and witness the aftermath of William Wallace's execution. Believe us, it's better than a sightseeing or boring museum tour of Edinburgh.

 I'm someone that enjoys learning about the dark side of famous cities (blame my inner goth) so the Dungeons is right up my street.

They have several different attractions at The Dungeons. It starts off with your visit to The Judge. I got accused of crimes against fashion due to my 'wig' like hair. Damn you ginger fringe!

After that you get to meet The Torturer then it's off on a boat to uncover the lair of the infamous Sawney Bean clan. This part was bloody terrifying for me. It's in complete darkness, you hear creepy child like noises, things are touching you from above. Everything that creeps me out in life. I think I said several times to Sam that I wanted off the boat.

After all that creepiness you go to the Anatomy Theater and learn all about the grisly murders conducted by Burke and Hare. Much more interesting and fun than that awful film that came out in 2010. Sorry Simon Pegg.

At one point you end up in a graveyard. Without giving too much away, I believe I made several sequel like noises and may have slipped out a bad word.

There is also a part called Streets Of Sorrow, which I believe is a newer attraction. I don't recall it from that last time I went to the dungeons. You learn all about what life in 17th century Edinburgh was like during the plague. At one point I thought the plague doctor was going to actually pop about but sadly not. If you don't know what a plague doctor looks likes, then here you go:

As much as they creep the hell out of me, it would have been fun for someone to jump out dressed as one. My only criticism really!

At the end of the Dungeons, there is a finale little ride.
Look, I'm not a fan of rides. I've never even been on a proper roller coaster but after being a big chicken, I decided to try be brave.
Again without giving too much away, the ride I am talking about is one of those drop things. The whole point is to get that feeling of free falling. It ties into being executed by hanging.

I wish I had got the picture of my face from this ride because it was hilarious.
Imagine a scared frog with crazy ginger hair.

I did however get a little photo of Sam and I before we braved the dungeons.

I really enjoyed our little day out in the Dungeons. It's a lot of fun and all the actors involved are fantastic. I actually think I would like to visit more Dungeons attractions in over cities. I've heard the York one is supposed to be really good.

If you like to learn about the darker side of history, then I highly recommend you check out the Dungeons. Just don't be a complete wimp like I was!

Big thank you to Melissa Wong at Tug Agency and Edinburgh Dungeons for having me along.

Till the next time!


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