Sunday, 26 October 2014

OOTD: Pumpkin Carving and The Coven


So as you all are probably aware by now, my blog this month has been very Halloween based. I am just loving all things spooky and scary.
Today I did something that I have never ever done before


Yes, can you believe I have never done this before?!
I may have done it when I was very little but I can't recall it at all alas.
So I'm going to show you the results of my first time and a little 'Outfit of the day'

 Hat: H&M
Coat: River Island
Long Top: Papaya
Leggings: Primark
Belt: From a River Island playsuit
Necklace: Rag Trade
Boots: New Look

I was recently re watching 'The Coven' season of American Horror Story and clearly was taking my inspiration from that! To be fair, I am a girl that just loves wearing all black. I just feel much more comfortable in it. Plus being the moody cow that I am, I can't imagine I suit bright colours.

I am loving the sleeves of this top!

 I recently won a little Instagram competition and this gorgeous necklace was my prize! It's from a wonderful vintage store called Rag Trade. 
You should totally check them out:

I love dark lips all year round really!

Now onto how my pumpkin carving went!

As you can see by my face in the middle picture, I was not having too much fun scraping out all of the pumpkin guts!

I was pretty happy with the end product though! 
Mine is the little one with the creepy smile. Sam clearly did a better job than me and he ended up doing some of the carving on mine. I'm generally a little bit useless when it comes to fiddly things!

I'm not sure if I could do any better than that but I think they look awesome. I wish I had decorated the whole flat now.

Let me know what you think and tell me how you spending Halloween!

Till the next time



  1. Your pumpkins turned out awesome, plus I love the look and anything 'witch' themed :)

    Xo, Ellen

    1. Thank you love!

      I thought it would be so easy to carve a pumpkin, alas I was wrong. Once you get past the smell and ickyness, it is rather fun. Will need to do it more :)