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Online No One Can Hear You Scream: Week Three

Hello again!
Sorry for the lateness of this post!

So this is the third post in my 'Horror Film Marathon' for October and for this one I did it a little different. Instead of watching films throughout the week, I had a little movie night with the family. 
It ended up in drinking very strong cocktails and laughing at the ridiculousness of these films but 
hey ho!

When I got to my parents' house, I found they had proper decorated the living room so it was all spooky. This is why my family are the best really. They share my love for going all out with a theme!
So before my little reviews, here are some pictures of how our night look:

You can't beat good old ASDA and Poundland for awesome Halloween decorations. I'm actually gutted that I'm not having my own party this year. I long to make my flat look mega creepy!
So onto the films we watched:

The Exorcist 
  •  Year Released: 1973
  • Director: William Friedkin
  • Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller, Linda Blair

I think most people know the deal with this film:

A movie actress finds herself growing increasingly worried about her young daughter's peculiar behavior. Eventually she seeks the help of a priest who comes to the conclusion that she is possessed and the only way to save her is through an exorcism.   

This film is a classic. Everyone knows it and if you are a horror film it is a must see. 
It came out in the 70's and brought along with it a lot of controversy. These days it's hardly the most shocking movie around but back then I can see why it ruffled a few feathers. A lot of it comes down to the age of Linda Blair, who was only around 14 at the time. From the language to the erm, crucifix scene, even now it's still pretty disturbing. 
But is it as great as everyone bangs on about?
Honestly, I don't think so. Now to be fair I was a little 'tipsy' from said strong cocktails whilst watching it but I found my interest in most of the film going. It a slow starter that's for sure!
I think the main problem with the film is just the hype that surrounds it. The stories of people running out of the cinema, being sick etc. Anything that built up will always end up a disappointment. 
 I guess it says something about this generation that a film like this is just not shocking anymore. Almost like Clockwork Orange in a way.

Still, it is a classic and I can't believe it took me this long to actually watch it. Do I think it's the best horror film out there? No, but it's one that we all should watch at least once.

Event Horizon 

  • Year Released: 1997
  • Director: Paul W. S Anderson
  • Starring: Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Joely Richardson, Jason Issacs, Sean Pertwee
 So here is the deal with Event Horizon:

In the year 2047, a rescue ship by the name of 'Lewis and Clark' answers a transmission from the 'Event Horizon' which has been missing for seven years. After boarding the long lost ship they soon realise it's been to somewhere it shouldn't have and has brought something evil back with it. 

As you all learned with my Alien review, I am a big fan of the sc-fi/horror genre. It's just something about how claustrophobic they are that sends shivers down my spine. Event Horizon is not an amazing film by any means. It, to be honest, brings nothing new to the genre at all but it's pretty darn enjoyable. You may search up on it on Rotten Tomatoes after reading this and think 
"It's only got 24% rating, how could it be good" 
But look at the audience rating, it's 62%. So don't write it completely off. 

It's dated sure but it has a rather good cast and a creepy story. It's a little on the gory side but not enough to put me totally off. The film is very in your face and you don't really care about the characters at all but I found myself intrigued by it. Unlike The Exorcist, I didn't lose interest in it You may want to look away but you just can't. Plus Sam Neill (Jurassic Park man) is a right creepy bastard in it. 

If you want to watch something where you can just switch your brain off and enjoy a little space scariness, then this is the film for you!

  •  Year Released: 2013
  • Director: Andres Muschietti
  • Starring: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier
  So here is a little about the story of 'Mama':
After killing his wife, Jeffrey D'Asange kidnaps his two young daughter and takes them to a cabin in the wood. He plans to kill them too but they are saved by an unseen force that dwells in the cabin. Five years later, the girls are found and left in the care of Jeffrey's twin brother and his girlfriend Annabel. They soon come to realise that they have brought 'Mama' with them.
Even now as I write 'Mama', I'm still getting that line from Bohemian Rhapsody in my head (you know the one)
I was excited for this film, I had heard so many good things about it. Plus it has Guillermo del Toro as the executive producer, so it has to be good right?! 

Well.... it wasn't a winner for me sadly. Don't get me wrong the story is fantastic and really interesting but it didn't feel like a horror film to me. I found myself not jumping at all or trying to watch through my hands. My mum and Corrin were both jumping throughout this film but for me, it just wasn't working.
I think the main problem for me is the fact that the 'villian' is CGI. If it was an actual actor in makeup, I may had found it scarier. but it was so obviously computerized! Plus you saw far too much of it, especially at the end. It almost become laughable for me.

Personally, I was just so disappointed with it. The trailer looked so creepy but I just felt that lacking in the actual film (may of had something to do with my slightly intoxicated state but shh)

I also watched Aliens that night but I didn't see much point in talking about it on this. You all know by now that I love the Alien series!

I was rather late doing this post but I make sure week 4 will be done soon!
I'm still looking out for recommendations of films to watch, so please comment below with your suggestions.

I'm enjoying doing these film posts so I think it's something I may continue with in the future (that's if people actually enjoy reading them)

Till the next time!



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