Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Steak 'N' Shake

Hello again!
I'm someone who tends to be unlucky when it comes to competitions but all that changed a couple of weeks ago when I won a meal for two at Steak Edinburgh!
Every Tuesday, they host a special offer of Steak 'N' Shake. Basically you get a 200g rump steak, fries and a tasty shake. 

To go along with this, they host a competition on Twitter to win a meal for two and naturally I had to enter. All you have to do is name your perfect milkshake using the hashtag #steaknshakeED.

After entering it for 3 weeks, I found myself as the winner!

So the week after, I got to pop along and finally try it out for myself. 

Inside the restaurant it's a lot bigger than you would think. Subtle lighting, wooden tables and high beams, it set's a really nice atmosphere. 
Since we were there for the Steak 'N' Shake, we didn't need to look at the menu but I did have a little peak. Let's just say I need to go back for a proper meal as it looks wonderful. Definitely the sort of place I would go to in a group before a night out.

 So after ordering our milkshakes, I went for a shortbread based one and Sam went for the banoffee, we got a little slice of bread to start us off. As soon as they mentioned one that is bacon and cheese, I had to go for it.

If anyone offers you bacon and cheese bread, you must go for it. I might make that my motto.

Onto the main event:

Now, I'm not someone who eats a lot of red meat but I do enjoy the occasional decent steak. In the past I was someone who hated steak and any time I got it, I had to have it well done. I soon came to the conclusion that was my problem, I need to have it medium rare.

Apologies to all veggies 

Yummy milkshakes

A place called 'Steak Edinburgh' has to really live up to it's name and oh boy, it does!
From the beautifully cooked meat to the wonderful chips, I was a little bit in heaven. Obviously when you order from the normal menu, you get a bigger steak but personally this size suited me much better. 

I don't even think I need to talk about the milkshakes because, well, look at them. You just know they taste good.

So to sum up, I really enjoyed my meal at Steak and I found myself highly impressed as someone who is always a little wary of red meat. 
If you fancy a good steak, give them a try and then pop down to Beer & Skittles downstairs for a tasty refreshing beer. 

Also just to finish..
How good does this Pina Colada look from Treacle

Damn good is the answer!

Till the next time!


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