Sunday, 24 August 2014

Noxious is here!

Why hello there!
Guess what time it is? 
You got it?

Well it's a new post time, that's what it is!

The ever so lovely Carrie from (one of my favourite bloggers) has opened up an online shop full of gorgeous handcrafted jewelery. The range is just stunning. From grungy chokers to vintage style pendants, there is so much to choose from. Plus all the pieces are assembled by hand and you can custom order!

Now, Carrie being the total babe that she is, sent me and some other bloggers a couple of necklaces from the range.

There is nothing more exciting than coming home from a long day at work to find a bright pink package waiting for you. Especially one that has your blog name on it! Exciting!

I love candy stripe packaging!

So onto the necklaces:

The first necklace is this stunning Mystic Topaz Talisman Necklace. The description on the website for it is:

"Mystic Topaz: Believed to help you embrace change and reduce cold emotions from those you attract around you"

Now sadly I'm lacking a decent camera currently so you can't get the full of effect of how gorgeous it is but trust me, it's beautiful.  It has such a rustic vintage feel about it and would look great paired with a simple little tea dress.

This is just right up my street. As we all know chokers are very "in" at the moment and this one is just wonderful. Again due to my rubbish camera, you don't get the full effect from it. The faux suede has a real silvery glittery look to it! 
Being a big fan of the slight "gothic" things in life, the cross design really appealed to me. I love how the heart keeps it girly though.

As you can see,  the pieces are gorgeous and beautifully made. I can't wait for payday to rear it's head to make a few purchases! 

So all need to check out the shop now and treat yourself!
Do it now!

I can't wait to feature them in some future #OOTD posts!

Till the next time!


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