Sunday, 31 August 2014

OOTD: Sunday Shopping


Time for a little OOTD and to show you a couple of things I purchased today!

Necklaces: Noxious
Shirt: Primark
Vest: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Primark (noticing a theme here?)
Shoes: Sun Jellies

Now after all that lovely weather over the summer, it has been a little on the rainy/cold side again. I planned in my head to wear black dress, black tights, boots and big coat but of course the sun decided to come out to play again. Not that I'm complaining but it caught me off guard!
So since Sunday is a lazy day, I decided to go for a fairly relaxed casual outfit.

I'm finding myself wearing jeans more which is good but still so weird for me. I have such a love/hate relationship with them but I love these ones from Primark. They are called "push in, push up" and they really live up to that name! Good for keeping those wobbly bits in check.

Recently I won a competition on Instagram that was hosted by Sun Jellies, DIY Nails & Karen Mabon to win a pair of amazing jelly shoes and adorable nail decals! Naturally I had to wear my new jellies today. They are so pretty and comfy!

I was so excited to get the nail decals as I've never actually tried them before. These ones are a collabration between DIY nails and Karen Mabon (amazing scarf designer), so of course they were going to quirky and cute!

 The thing I love about these decals is that my parents are having a Las Vegas themed party for their anniversary in a couple of weeks, so these will be perfect for it. Cards, dice and Elvis!

I also finally got a chance to wear my Noxious necklaces that I spoke about in my previous post.

I love them so much and I finally managed to get picture that shows how music the topaz is in the necklace! It's stunning in the sun.

So onto my shopping trip!
Originally the plan was to head to Armstrong's (amazing vintage shop in Edinburgh) and find a dress for my parents' party. Sadly that did not happen. I did find the most spectacular sparkly dress but alas it was just too big.
However, I did find this little number:

I believe it was £12 and I just fell in love with it. Just seems to fit perfectly and I love the floaty hippy vibe it has. I really didn't need it but at the price, I couldn't leave it behind. Hopefully get a chance to wear it this week.
I do love a good vintage find.

So after that we popped into The Villager and had a quick cocktail

It is called a Gutter Glitter and it was perfect for a relaxing sunny Sunday afternoon. Malibu, Cherry Marnier with a Basil and Almond syrup. I do love my cocktails and this one is gorgeous, might end up in my favourite list. Infact I should do a post about my favourite cocktails in town.
What's your all time cocktail?

I also popped into good old Primark and found this bad boy:

Of course I had to get them. I don't even think I need to explain why.
They are fantastic and so so comfy!

 So there you go, a little peak into how my Sunday went, let me know about your best vintage find and cocktail!

Sadly I didn't watch the fireworks tonight, mainly because I'm wary of them and I fancied watching Made In Chelsea (don't judge me)

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

Till the next time!


Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Logo & Dollybird Clothing

Now as some of you may have noticed, I have a logo now!
How exciting!

I had wanted a logo for my blog but due to my lack of artistic skills, this was just not happening. It's very frustrating when you have an idea in your head but your hands just won't make it happen! Damn those hands..

I put up a post on my Facebook page asking if anyone would be interest in making a design for me and the lovely Lesley McConnell responded. I told her my rough idea and some days later she sent me the logo.

So yeah...... I bloody love it!
It's what I had in mind but 10 times better. 
What do you guys think?

Now other than making awesome logos, Lesley also has a online vintage clothing shop called Dollybird Clothing which you can check out here:
If you are, like me, a massive vintage lover then you have to check it out. All the clothes are hand picked amazing vintage pieces or reproductions. DollyBird Clothing specialises in 60s/70s, which I personally think is the best eras for fashon.

Recently she did a photoshoot for the shop and I have some pictures to share with you!
I will put a link for each piece under the picture. If I haven't it sadly means its reserved or sold out.


Make sure you all check out the etsy shop and grab a beautiful vintage item.
Also check out the Facebook page:

And a massive thank you to Lesley for the logo. It's everything I wanted and more!

Till the next time!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Noxious is here!

Why hello there!
Guess what time it is? 
You got it?

Well it's a new post time, that's what it is!

The ever so lovely Carrie from (one of my favourite bloggers) has opened up an online shop full of gorgeous handcrafted jewelery. The range is just stunning. From grungy chokers to vintage style pendants, there is so much to choose from. Plus all the pieces are assembled by hand and you can custom order!

Now, Carrie being the total babe that she is, sent me and some other bloggers a couple of necklaces from the range.

There is nothing more exciting than coming home from a long day at work to find a bright pink package waiting for you. Especially one that has your blog name on it! Exciting!

I love candy stripe packaging!

So onto the necklaces:

The first necklace is this stunning Mystic Topaz Talisman Necklace. The description on the website for it is:

"Mystic Topaz: Believed to help you embrace change and reduce cold emotions from those you attract around you"

Now sadly I'm lacking a decent camera currently so you can't get the full of effect of how gorgeous it is but trust me, it's beautiful.  It has such a rustic vintage feel about it and would look great paired with a simple little tea dress.

This is just right up my street. As we all know chokers are very "in" at the moment and this one is just wonderful. Again due to my rubbish camera, you don't get the full effect from it. The faux suede has a real silvery glittery look to it! 
Being a big fan of the slight "gothic" things in life, the cross design really appealed to me. I love how the heart keeps it girly though.

As you can see,  the pieces are gorgeous and beautifully made. I can't wait for payday to rear it's head to make a few purchases! 

So all need to check out the shop now and treat yourself!
Do it now!

I can't wait to feature them in some future #OOTD posts!

Till the next time!


Sunday, 17 August 2014

nicci.n. 'Florabundance' collection

Hello again!
So recently I found out about Nicola Alexandra Gardner and her fantastic brand nicci.n.
She is an Edinburgh born designer, so naturally as a lover of all things Edinburgh, I had to check her work out!  
Quite simply, it is amazing!

So before I share with you pictures of this collection, here is the press release about it. Which describes it better than I ever could. This was done by Jadine Arnold who is another Edinburgh based blogger, and you should check her out here:

Scottish Fashion Label, nicci.n. Announces the Highly Anticipated ‘Florabundance’ Collection 
Emerging Scottish fashion label, nicci.n. are thrilled to announce the new Spring/Summer 14 collection, Florabundance. Nicci.n. is a unique and edgy womenswear label focusing on differentiation with an eye for printing techniques such as hand-painting and digital print. 

‘Florabundance’ is the highly anticipated Spring/Summer 14 collection by nicci.n. The collection is inspired by the floral trend where silhouettes are ruffled and flared mixed with fabric manipulation and hand-dye techniques. Illustrated floral drawings are present which emphasise the Florabundance theme and an exciting colour palette of Lilac, Navy, Cream and Wine make the collection unique and original. Funky pieces such as leatherette cropped leggings, navy snakeprint midi-length dresses and hand-dyed pencil skirts own the collection which is all designed and made in Scotland. 

The collection is available from the newly launched e-commerce website, and prices range from between £35-£140 

“Incorporating artistic features such as hand-dyeing and illustrative drawings gives the collection a real hand-made element. This makes the collection very distinctive and eye catching.” -Designer/Director – Nicola A Gardner 

nicci.n. was created by Nicola Alexandra Gardner from Edinburgh and was founded in 2012. After graduating with a BA Honours Degree from Heriot-Watt University in 2009 and a Masters Degree in International Fashion Marketing in 2010 at the George Davies Centre for Retail Excellence, Nicola was awarded a Business Enterprise Award for her business plan. She then went on to exhibit at Graduate Fashion Week in London and gained invaluable work experience with other designers before launching the business. 
Since launching the label, Nicola has collaborated with upmarket womenswear boutique, Meloosha and tartan design company, Sakura Scotland. Her collections have been well received by customers and press alike and have featured in numerous national and international magazines and newspapers.

Sounds good eh? 
So here you go, the wonderful Florabundance range and links to where you can buy some of the pieces:

 SS 14/15 Navy Snakeprint Midi Dress With Hand Dyed Panels

Left: SS 14/15 Lilac Dress With Ruffle Detail  (My favourite!)
Right: SS 14/15 Lilac Floaty Top With Ruffle Detail
Right: SS 14/15 Lilac Ruffle Detail Mini Skirt

 SS 14/15 Cream Leatherette Skirt With Hand Dyed Panels
SS 14/15 Cropped Ruby Top With White Binding
(Another favourite of mine. The way the colours and shapes work together is just beautiful)

So floaty and so totally up my street!

I hope like me you are now lusting after these amazing clothes. I can't wait to order something for myself! If you want to see more, be sure to check out the nicci.n. website here:

Till the next time!


Saturday, 9 August 2014

My first week at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Hello again!
So if you read my last post, I did a few tips on how to dress for the fantastic Fringe Festival. So it was only right that I showed you all what I actually wore myself and how my week went.
Sadly I only got the one week off work to wander around and see shows.
For anyone who actually lives in Edinburgh, we all know that August is such a fun and slightly stressful time. Everywhere is busy, price in some pubs go up but you have to just take a step back and enjoy!

So here are a couple of my looks from the week:

 Blazer: Primark
Top: Armstrongs (vintage)
Skirt: River Island
Socks: Tesco
Jelly Shoes: Truffle Collection
Bag: Primark

 So for the my first day in town, I went for a very girly outfit. The sun was shining but still a little chilly, a little jacket was a must. I'm also loving my jelly shoes and I purchased some amazing cats socks so I had to show them off!
Sadly the cat ended up looking a little odd. Sometimes it looked like a ghost and other times a creepy owl.

Our first day ended up with us doing a lot of outdoor drinking on George Street but we did end up going to see Simon Munnery's Fylm School. Was very different from your usual "comedy" show but was a lot of fun. Plus Josie Long was hilarious!

I couldn't resit a little pose in front of the very sparkly Itison sign 

Now onto my look for the Wednesday:

 Blazer: Primark
Brooch: Peachy Keen
Shirt: George at ASDA
Disco Pants: Primark
Bag: Primark
Boots: New Look (which you can buy here:Buy now )

 On Wednesday I got to hang out with some very lovely blogging ladies (and my good friend Heather)
Now before I went to meet them, I saw that it was raining and came to a horrifying conclusion. I had no boots! Only little flats and jelly shoes. Not the best for a rainy day.
So I popped over to New Look and found these amazing boots:

 At first I was skeptical about the big old heel on them but they are so comfy!
Eventually I made it into town and had some lovely cocktails and we went to see a free variety type show at Opium. I'm going to be honest, it was very hit or miss but you can't beat a free show!

Louise: Fashion blogger at
Rosa: Reviewer, Interviewer and Presenter at
Heather: Fabulous human being at

In the evening we ended up having a drink at the udderbelly when the two gorgeous ladies behind EastEnd Cabaret came over to our table to invite us to check our their show.

They were so much fun and gave us some half mustaches so we could get into the show for half price. I'm so glad we decided to go as it was hilarious! I honestly recommend you check them out.
Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

So onto Friday!

 Blazer: Primark (again...I like that blazer alot)
Brooch: Peachy Keen (I also love that brooch)
Dress: Primark (noticing a theme?)
Bag: Primark....
Boots: New Look

So Thursday was a more chilled out one. Went to the pub for a few drinks before heading to Jenners for the Bare Minerals event. It was really interesting and I learned a few new make up tips. Also I treated myself to a new primer. Can't wait to try it out.
Plus we got an amazing goodie bag:

So after all that, we popped over to the Hard Rock Cafe for a tasty cocktail or two.

There are so many amazing cocktails bars in Edinburgh but sometimes you can't go wrong with a classic like Hard Rock. They do a damn tasty Pina Colada!

So there you have it, a little inside to my Fringe Week. I really wish I had chance to do more but hopefully I can fit some shows in on my days off. 

Also I have to thank the lovely people at StressFreePrint & Zeal Buzz for the amazing #stressfreefringe kit!

I got a lovely tartan scarf and brolly, a local's guide to Edinburgh, official fringe canvas bag and a program for the festival. Sadly I didn't get much chance to use the scarf (it luckily didn't get too cold) but I did use the brolly plenty of times!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my post and liked my outfits. I am gutted I couldn't get chance to do much more but when I do, I'll make sure I show you all!

If you are visiting the festival and want to recommend me a show, please do so! I'm making it my mission to see more things.

Till the next time!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fashion Tips For Edinburgh Fringe Festival


So as alot of you will know, August is a very exciting time to be in Edinburgh. The wonderful Fringe Festival is happening. In case you are not aware of it, basically it's only just the largest arts festival in the world. No big deal eh?