Friday, 25 July 2014

OOTD: Disco Pants and Bowie

Hello again! Time for a little OOTD post.

So tonight I went out for a couple of drinks. Probably the first time I've been out on a Friday night and of course I was home before 11pm. The joys of working at weekends eh?
Also i'm slowly turning into a boring old woman but hey ho!

This morning, a little package arrived for me from the lovely people at Wear Eponymous
Of course I had to incorporate into my outfit for this evening.

So since it was just "casual drinks" I felt a nice basic white tshirt and disco pants would work. 
I'm pretty much in love with my Bowie brooch from Peachy Keen and it's basically living on my black Primark blazer. 

This is the gorgeous necklace from Wear Eponymous. When wearing such a plain boyfriend tshirt is really jazzes it up and adds a feminine touch. I can see me pairing it with a maxi dress and kimono for a more casual day look.

I'm not going to lie, I was not originally a fan of the jelly shoe. I am a fan of the 90's trend currently going on but they seemed a little too much.
Eventually I gave into their charm and ended up buying a pair a couple of days ago. I love them!
Okay, so they make your feet incredibly sweaty but they do add a little quirky edge to an outfit. For someone who is terrible in heels, I like how I can feel tall in them but can actually walk.

Thought I would add in a picture of me at The Shore in Leith. How gorgeous does it look?
Leith gets a bad rap sometimes but the amount of amazing bars, bistros etc, it's really worth checking out!

Hope you've enjoyed my outfit and let me know your opinion on the whole Jelly Shoes.

Till the next time!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bowie, Pop Art, Bows & Peachy Keen

Hello again! 
So today my post is going to be based around some amazing jewellery that I received the other morning!
So let's begin:

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Laura from Peachy Keen posted on Instagram asking if any bloggers would be interested in featuring her gorgeous jewellery and accessories on their blogs. I pretty much jumped at the chance!
Her range is made up of Kitsch & Vintage inspired handmade pieces. Totally up my street.
We all know that accessories can really make an outfit come together and I really feel her style works for me perfectly. 

So a couple of days ago, a little package came for me.

I love the candy stripe packaging. Really adds to the retro/kitsch feel of it all!

So of course I was pretty excited to see what was inside as Laura picked them to give a "goody bag" feel of it. So onto what I got:

So yeah...I was pretty darn happy!

David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" Wooden Brooch - £5

I am a massive Bowie fan, so I was so happy to get the brooch. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it looks. I recently wore it with a black jacket and it just stands out so well. I think this brooch is going to get incorporated into several of my outfits!

Large Pop Art Necklace - £6

I'm also a fan of Pop Art so this necklace was right up my street. Paired with a cute little shift dress, this really is a big nod to the 60's.

  Mirror Bow Ring - £3

For people that know me and have met me, you may have noticed I have a big old bow tattoo on my wrist, so I was pretty happy to receive this adorable ring. The colour of it is very striking and I love the mirror effect it has. 

So there you go!
My amazing little goodies from Peachy Keen  
I really recommend you click the link above if you are a fan of quirky, unique pieces. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post!

Till the next time!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How Good Is Your Hood

Hello again! Time for a little blog post and this one is little different.
It's a blogger competition! How exciting!

So over the weekend I was contacted by the very lovely Lynsay aka Miss West End Girl to take part in this little competition. Now some of you probably know of Chouchou but if you haven't (do it now) here is little introduction about them:

"Born in Rome in 2008, Chouchou is Silvia Pellegrino's ode to tailored fashion.
Each piece is handmade using both contemporary and vintage textiles to create playful, tactile looks that are sweet and feminine with sport-deluxe touches.
The collections are very contemporary with a retro feel, inspired by the textiles Silvia discovers and a mix of her Italian flair and the free-spirited, bohemian lifestyle she fell in love with in Los Angeles.
Hot pants, thigh skimming hems and Hollyhoods are staples and what every piece has in common is that they are easy to wear with a particular attention to the detail.
The Chouchou woman is no slave to trends and the flamboyant designs are driven instead by lifestyle to be worn with a wink and a grin."

I funnily enough got introduced to this brand via the wonderfulness of social media, e.g Instagram.  The main thing that stands out for me with this brand are the amazing luxury hoods. They are stylish and very practical. I especially could have done for today (bloody rain!)

Now onto the competition!
Silva has created an original Hollyhood for one of us lucky bloggers to win:

The Hollyhood Sonia
So as you can see, it's pretty lovely!
Candy Striped cotton, Italian Denim and trimmed with soft shearling. It's abit of a babe eh?
Plus it's reversible and very versatile. You really could wear it in so many ways.

So onto how I would style it up:

I'm a big sucker when it comes to blouses and shirts. I just find this so veritable in the summer, winter, any season really!

Skinny jeans, you just can't go wrong there can you? I'm a big fan of the whole grunge thing and these jeans really fit into that look. Simple but effective. 

How awesome are these boots?! Chelsea boots are my favourites. 
I'm actually on a hunt for a new pair, so I think these might be on my wish list now. I find they add a little bit of edge to the outfit.

I am loving this brand so much. Look at how adorable and quirky this little bag is. My outfit is quite dark so I felt like we should add a little bit of colour into the mix. 

Now for some more accessories:

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love my big round sunglasses so I had to add a pair into this look. Also to keep up the grungy look, I've added in a gorgeous rosary style necklace from ASOS and some really cool bracelets.

And that is how I would style up that wonderful hood. Summer casual with a grungy mix!
So thank you for reading and I hope you like my look. 

I really hope you all check out Chouchou and to entice you more, they have a a fantastic summer sale on. Freedom and Sunsets: a one off sale on the summer collection. So if you fancy updating your wardrobe with a hood or even a gorgeous new dress, pop onto the website and type in the code "HowGood20"

Sale runs till 6pm 10th July, so get in quick if you want to get a lovely luxury piece. Just click on the link here:

Till the next time!