Thursday, 12 June 2014

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Review

So I've never really done a review before but going to give it a little go. So I've seen a few people talking about this on Twitter etc and it seems to be getting alot of mixed reviews. 
Eyeko is a brand that I have never really came across before, so I had no idea what to expect but Glamour Magazine are giving this one away this month. Honestly I never have much luck with free gifts in magazines, especially when its eye make up but I was pleasantly surprised with this. 

I'm a big liquid eyeliner fan, mainly due to the fact I find that Kohl and gel ones tend to rub away very easily on my eyes. I'm pretty sure I have "sweaty eyelids" or something, as no matter what, my eyeliner tends to smudge alot. 
So to start off with, I really like the simplicity of the packaging. It's very sleek and it's very easy to wipe down if you managed to get eyeliner actually on it (trust me it can happen) 

My big concern with it comes to these styles of liquid eyeliners, is what the nib is going to be like. I tend to my eyeliner thickish, think more 60s chic rather than Amy Winehouse boldness.  So I never want something that is going to be too thin. 

I was pretty impressed with this. Not too thick and not too thin, it was just right. Not too sound too Goldilocks like. 
I noticed in other reviews of this product, that people found they had to press hard to actually get the liquid out but I, personally, didn't have that problem. At first it was maybe a little dry, but once it got going I loved it.

I found the colour to be very bold and opaque. Exactly what I look for to be honest. 

Now to be fair, I've only worn it one day but as some of you had to deal with, yesterday was pretty damn hot. Perfect day to test out an eyeliner I think.
A nice hot sunny day is wonderful but can be a nightmare when it comes to make up, especially if you suffer from "sweaty eye syndrome" (yeah I'm making it a thing)

So I took a couple of, slightly drunk, photos of how my eyeliner looked at the end of the evening:

 (drunk eyes)

So as you can see it held up pretty well. There was a little light smudging at the top of my lids but that is easily fixed in all fairness. I was more impressed with how my flicks stayed. I'm not going to lie, I'm really not the best when it comes to keeping a steady hand for when I do make up. My flicks tend to get the rough deal of it all, but I really found this product easy to use.

So there you go, in a nutshell, I was very impressed. It does seem to be causing a Marmite experience for most people but for only £2 to get Glamour Magazine along with the eyeliner, it's worth trying out!
I believe the original product costs £12, so it's a bargain!
I've noticed they also do a blue version, which I may try for a little twist on the classic thick black line. 

So thanks for reading my first ever review on a product and later this week I shall have a post up about the awesome Filling Station Cocktail Masterclass that I went to!

Till the next time!



  1. I found it a little dry when it first comes out but fine after that. I'm rubbish at eyeliner to be honest but seems ok xxx

    1. Yeah it definitely was dry to begin with but I'm pretty impressed with it so far. Be interested to see how long it lasts though! I am pretty rubbish myself when it comes to eyeliner but I feel lost without it!


  2. Lovely post hun! Loved the Goldilocks reference hehe. Can't wait for the Filling Station post :-) xxx