Monday, 5 May 2014

New Dresses and Good News.

Happy times ahead.

Why hello there. Time for a little blog post. 
So after going on about how I have far too many clothes and I need a big clear out before getting new stuff, well.... I've still yet to shift alot of my stuff and I ended up buying two new dresses. Silly Emily!

Now, I have such a love/hate relationship with Primark. I go in and find so much that I love but more often or not, nothing ever seems to fit me properly. Still, when I'm on the hunt for a dress, I end up in there. To my surprise the two dresses that took my fancy, actually worked for me. Who knew?!
I feel like I've been in a slight style rut for the last couple of years. I am someone who just adores a little tea dress or something with a peter pan collar, and pretty much anything black but I just feel like I need to branch out more with different styles. So this first dress was a little baby step into trying something new.

For me the big thing about this dress is the fact it's actually colourful! Now, I was going to say how much it was but being the big dafty that I am, I actually can't remember but it's good old primark so it wasn't that much at all. I just love the little pineapple print all over and the shape of it. It will be such a nice dress for summer and I love how easily you can dress it up or down. 

I ended up wearing this at the weekend. My little brother and his girlfriend are going travelling around Asia for two months (I'm crazy jealous by the way). So we all went out for some goodbye drinks, so it gave me the chance to give this dress a whirl!

The weather wasn't upto much, so I teamed it up with some black tights and a mini cardi/bolero sort of thing. Again all from Primark. I also added in this belt, which is actually one of my favourites and I think it came from an old dress of mine!

Now before I go onto the second dress, I also decided to try something else out. When it comes to my choice of lipstick, I'm a sucker for red. Recently I've branched out a little more with dark purple which I am just loving but it's not really a summer shade. So, I picked up a wonderful little pink number from Barry M

And I really like it. It's such a change for me but I think it brightens up this moody face of mine.
 So moving on to the second dress I purchased:

I posted this on instagram and people seem to really like this it. I can see why, it is pretty damn adorable. I just fell in love with the 50's vibe to it. Being a slightly curvy girl, I feel so comfortable in shapes like this. I also just love this shade of blue. I can't wait for the sun to come out so I can wear this around town with some big Jackie O sunglasses and a floppy hat.

Now, as some of you may know, the wonderful people at Wear Eponymous recently had a twitter party to ask their followers on what we would like to see in their new campaign. The feedback they got was fantastic. To top it off, they announced that they would have blogger and fans model for it. How amazing?!
All you had to do was email them with your details and write why you think you should be apart of this. I just couldn't not apply for something like that. I'm no model but experiences like this don't come often. So I applied and noticed tons of other girls going for it too. I had myself pretty convinced that I didn't stand a chance. I've only been blogging since January and some of these girls had amazing looks and amazing blogs.


I got picked!!!!

I can hardly believe it. The minute I got that email, I did a little dance around the living room.
So this Saturday, myself and some other amazing bloggers will be heading to their studios in Glasgow. We also will get a sneak peek of what we shall be wearing and get to style it up. Words cannot describe how excited and grateful I am to have been picked. I can't wait to meet everyone.

I've been a big fan of Wear Eponymous since I started my blog. The way they get involved with everyone on twitter and do parties and competition like this is just so refreshing. I can't recommended them more, so check them out:

 So till the next time!



  1. Both of these dresses are gorgeous and I love how you styled the pineapple one! Good luck for today!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Xxx

    1. Sorry for how late I am with the reply. Silly phone is a nightmare for comments.

      Thank you loads love, it was so much fun. Can't wait for the campaign to be launched!!


  2. I have got the pineapple print dress from the top image and I love it . its going to be perfect on my hols its so light and I love the print . Brill post :)

    1. Thank you!!
      It's such a dress eh? so versatile aswell. Can't wait for the sun to come out so I can style it up with a floppy hat and some wedges.

      Have a lovely holiday!!