Sunday, 9 February 2014

Animals and Old Clothes.

What have I been up to this week?

Well quite honestly, not very much. Work has taken over my life this week so sadly I didn't get much chance to really do anything else. However, I did manage to do a little shopping on Friday. I'm supposed to be saving money but does it ever really work out that way?

As soon as I saw this tshirt in Primark, I just fell in love! 


For only £6, I just couldn't resist. They also have Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland ones. I'm most likely going to go back and get some more as they just so cute and I love how they can be dressed up or down.

So after a pretty boring week, I was so glad to be off on the Sunday. It's my dad's birthday soon, so we had a wee day out at The Five Sisters Zoo. I had never been before but like many, I was so sad to hear when they had a fire last year. Just awful to think about the poor animals they lost. It was really nice to visit and see how much work they are putting into building everything back up again. Also I am such a sucker for animals. 

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Sadly the weather wasn't up to much but that didn't spoil our day really. You can't beat spending some time with the family anyway.
 I can't wait to go back again in the summer, especially as they will have a lot more back. If anyone is in the West Calder area, I highly recommended going.

Also they have a little cafe just outside the zoo, where you can get a lovely hot chocolate (very much needed after being the cold and rain)

Later on we headed to The Bayleaf Indian Restaurant in, my hometown, Pumpherston.
Now, I'm not a big fan of Indian food. My hatred for anything spicy and anything to do with Onions stops me ever enjoying it but I my dinner was lovely. It was a little buffet sort of deal. They bring a big plate of starters to the table (the chicken pakora was gorgeous) and then you go up to get your mains. I pretty much gorged myself on the starters as the mains were all curries (not a fan). I have it on good authority that the mains were really tasty though. 

Now onto to the old clothes that were stated in my title. Due to it being bloody freezing, I really wanted to find my mega old parka. I haven't worn this bad boy since my goth years in Highschool but I seem to be going back to my roots these days, so I really wanted to hunt it out. 
So upto to the attic I went!
I thought it was going to take me ages but to my surprise it was in the second bag I looked in.

Yes it's ever so slightly dated but I do love it. Plus, it's bloody comfy and warm. 
But that wasn't all that I found. Oh no, I found this bad boy of a dress. I remember buying it in Armstrongs in Edinburgh years and years ago. Why I had just dumped it in the attic I will never know!

I am still in shock that it actually still fits as well. So that is my tip for today, always check out the old clothes in your attic. You never know what you  will find!

So that is all for tonight, it's been a pretty picture heavy post but let's be honest, writing is and never will be my strong point. So let's end it all with a little OOTD.
 Dress: Primark
Necklace: New Look
Bracelets: Primark

Well thanks for reading and let me know, have you ever found some amazing long lost clothing in your attic? 

Till the next time.

(also you may have noticed the change in colour of my hair in the photos, it's not a work of magic but the work of my lovely mother and a bottle of hair dye!)


  1. Wow you have the most amazing style! I love all those animals, the Shetland is so cute! Heroine In Heels

    1. Aw thank you!
      Yeah they were soo cute. The Shetland ponies kept following me around. Think it's cause I looked like a big marshmallow in my pink poncho hah! Xx

  2. I love the little mermaid tee and both dresses are fab! Especially the one you found in the attic! Xx

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy I found that old dress, can't believe I had never worn it before!
      You should deffo check out the cute tshirts in primark. I just fell in love with them!


  3. Love your blog.

    Have a nice day!