Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Who doesn't love The Caped Crusader?

 Anyone who knows me well, understands my love for Batman. I was obsessed with bats as a little girl, so it's no surprise that I became a big Batman fan. I could rant away about my love for it but I'm keeping this post short and sweet. 

So a few days ago, my brother's lovely girlfriend tagged me in a photo on instagram. This photo was posted by none other than Black Milk Clothing. A brilliant Australian company which I love but I always felt I would never be able to pull of their amazing clothes. This post was advertising their new Batman collection. I was MEGA excited, especially because one of the photos showed a girl dressed up as The Joker whilst wearing a Joker swimsuit. 
Now let's be honest, Bruce Wayne is cool and all but my favourite thing about Batman is the villains.
 I find them so interesting and they just grab my attention more.  

Last night (in the UK), they launched said collection and oh boy, was I happy!
So I'm going to post a couple of my favourite items. 

Golden Age Leggings: $85.00 AUD

Differently Sane GFT: $59.99 AUD

 Poison Ivy Swimsuit: $100.00 AUD

Killing Joke BF Bomber: $120.01 AUD

And lastly, the one I actually ended up buying (I just couldn't resist)

  Joker's Revenge GFT: $60.00 AUD

I had to stop myself buying more, especially that bomber jacket. Supposedly it takes about 3 weeks for my t shirt to arrive but I can't wait. Already thinking of what outfits I can make from it.

If you are a Batman fan, you should totally check them out on the Black Milk Clothing website. 
Let me know which one is your favourite!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Animals and Old Clothes.

What have I been up to this week?

Well quite honestly, not very much. Work has taken over my life this week so sadly I didn't get much chance to really do anything else. However, I did manage to do a little shopping on Friday. I'm supposed to be saving money but does it ever really work out that way?

As soon as I saw this tshirt in Primark, I just fell in love! 


For only £6, I just couldn't resist. They also have Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland ones. I'm most likely going to go back and get some more as they just so cute and I love how they can be dressed up or down.

So after a pretty boring week, I was so glad to be off on the Sunday. It's my dad's birthday soon, so we had a wee day out at The Five Sisters Zoo. I had never been before but like many, I was so sad to hear when they had a fire last year. Just awful to think about the poor animals they lost. It was really nice to visit and see how much work they are putting into building everything back up again. Also I am such a sucker for animals. 

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Sadly the weather wasn't up to much but that didn't spoil our day really. You can't beat spending some time with the family anyway.
 I can't wait to go back again in the summer, especially as they will have a lot more back. If anyone is in the West Calder area, I highly recommended going.

Also they have a little cafe just outside the zoo, where you can get a lovely hot chocolate (very much needed after being the cold and rain)

Later on we headed to The Bayleaf Indian Restaurant in, my hometown, Pumpherston.
Now, I'm not a big fan of Indian food. My hatred for anything spicy and anything to do with Onions stops me ever enjoying it but I my dinner was lovely. It was a little buffet sort of deal. They bring a big plate of starters to the table (the chicken pakora was gorgeous) and then you go up to get your mains. I pretty much gorged myself on the starters as the mains were all curries (not a fan). I have it on good authority that the mains were really tasty though. 

Now onto to the old clothes that were stated in my title. Due to it being bloody freezing, I really wanted to find my mega old parka. I haven't worn this bad boy since my goth years in Highschool but I seem to be going back to my roots these days, so I really wanted to hunt it out. 
So upto to the attic I went!
I thought it was going to take me ages but to my surprise it was in the second bag I looked in.

Yes it's ever so slightly dated but I do love it. Plus, it's bloody comfy and warm. 
But that wasn't all that I found. Oh no, I found this bad boy of a dress. I remember buying it in Armstrongs in Edinburgh years and years ago. Why I had just dumped it in the attic I will never know!

I am still in shock that it actually still fits as well. So that is my tip for today, always check out the old clothes in your attic. You never know what you  will find!

So that is all for tonight, it's been a pretty picture heavy post but let's be honest, writing is and never will be my strong point. So let's end it all with a little OOTD.
 Dress: Primark
Necklace: New Look
Bracelets: Primark

Well thanks for reading and let me know, have you ever found some amazing long lost clothing in your attic? 

Till the next time.

(also you may have noticed the change in colour of my hair in the photos, it's not a work of magic but the work of my lovely mother and a bottle of hair dye!)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Cocktails and Limbo

A day in town

Who doesn't love a day of drinking cocktails? I for one love it. So Sunday just there I had a day off work and for once so did Sam. It's not often we get time off together and after our long January with no money, it was only right that we treated ourselves. First of all we had to head down to Ocean Terminal to get a few odds and ends. I managed to find myself some mega cute nail wraps for £1.50

I'm not great when it comes to doing my nails but I can't wait to try these out. 

After our mini shopping trip, we headed into town to start our evening of drinks. We met up with my lovely parents who were also out in town for the afternoon. First place we ended up in was Juniper. I had heard of it many times before but hadn't actually went to it. It's right on Princes Street and it's very nice. A little on the fancy side but I would very much go again. Plus, you also get some lovely views of Princes Street. I got myself a Twister, clearly based on the ice lolly, it was one tasty drink!

After that lovely drink, we moved on to The Voodoo Rooms. Again, another place I heard about loads but had yet to actually visit. I am so glad we did go there as it is absolutely stunning inside and I just loved it. The cocktail menu is just brilliant. With names like Coffin Dodger, Elixir Of Life, Gingerbread Wicker Man and Beast From The East, how could I resist? I ended up getting The Benzini. Any drink that contains popping candy is always going to grab my attention. The whole feel of The Voodoo Rooms just excited me to be honest and it's somewhere I will have to go back.

Sadly after that fantastic drink, my parents had to head home so we headed up to Red Squirrel and then Lebowskis. Both places are great for a drink and I totally recommend them. 

But now we move on to the highlight of my night. My little brother had mentioned recently about a bar called 52 Canoes Tiki Den, so we thought let's check it out. As you can guess by the name it's a Tiki themed place and with that it's very colourful and tropical inside. I've realised that I really do love a themed bar. 
The cocktail menu is really good and very reasonable price wise. I got myself a Donkey Punch. It had everything that I want from a drink. Sweet, quirky and in a fantastic glass. The sort of drink I would imagine having on holiday.

So as we were enjoying our drinks, we realised that they had a pub quiz on a Sunday night. A pub queeze they call it. We had no other plans for the night, so we thought why not? A little pub quiz could be nice....

This is very different to any pub quiz I have been to before. It ended up being a crazy amount of fun. From Limbo to Beer Pong. I had a blast (I think my back disagrees with that though) 
Most pub quizzes, you just sit there and answer the questions but this one you got totally involved in. I have to say that all the staff at 52 Canoes are really lovely, which added to our great night. 
I never thought I would be trying to pick up a cereal box off the floor with my teeth when I was getting ready to go out but there you go!

To add to our great night, we managed to win best name (Quiz on my tits) and, by some insane amount of luck, we won overall! Our awesome prizes were a block of Camembert (my all time favourite cheese) and two vouchers for a Tiki Burger. I can't wait go back and try the food! 
It's on Mellvile Place, so you should all check it out. Especially go to the quiz night. You might be a little sore the next day but it's worth it. 

So to round this all up and to let me go back to sleep (I'm still feeling MEGA rough). Here are some pictures of my outfits from yesterday:

Top: Primark
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Bracelets: H&M

Dress: Asos
Necklace: As Before
Earrings: Primark
Boots: Topshop

Till the next time