Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I love new clothes.

New clothes make me happy.

So on Sunday I had a little trip up to Livingston shopping centre. In hindsight it wasn't a great idea, as I don't get paid till Friday and I am MEGA skint. Naturally I saw lots and lots of things that I want but stayed strong and only managed to come away with two things.  Got myself this lovely daisy top and black corduroy skirt. Both from good old Primark. 
I have such a love hate relationship with that shop but now and again I do find something that I just love. 

Also on Sunday, I got a little email from ASOS telling me that I could get 60% off their new dress. So I had a little look, hoping that I hated it all. So far it was going so well till this little beauty popped up:

It was £70 down to £30. How could I resist? 
I'm going through a little Stevie Nicks phase at the moment, blame American Horror Story, so I just had to have it. Can't wait for it arrive, fingers crossed it looks good!


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  1. These clothes are simply adorable! I do not shop a lot but when I do, I like to buy things that look like this! Thank you for sharing this and I will surely forward it to all my friends!