Friday, 31 January 2014

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Who doesn't love a villain?

So today, thanks to a friend on Facebook I got to see the title of this article:

Japanese designer creates collection of gorgeous perfume bottles based on Disney villains

How could I not be attracted to this? I believe there is two people in this world, you have the ones that like Disney Princesses and the ones who like Disney Villains. I fall into the latter camp.
There is just something so interesting about a villain and Disney ones are pretty special!

These bottles designs are beyond gorgeous. Sadly you cannot buy them, but fingers crossed this may happen one day! There are the creation of a lady called Ruby Spark. 
Now we all know how much stuff you can based around the Princesses but I feel there is a lot lacking when it comes to our favourite villains. It's such a shame that Disney haven't done anything like this. 

Here are some of my favourites:

I just can't get enough of them really. Here is the link to one of the articles about them, and if you are like me and dreaming that they can be a reality one day, check it out: Disney Villain Perfume Bottles
Let me know which one if your favourite!

Also on another note, I feel the need to share this picture of the new dress I spoke about in my last post. 

I am totally in love with it. It's so floaty and pretty. I feel like Misty Day from American Horror Story when I'm wearing it. Good old ASOS! 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I love new clothes.

New clothes make me happy.

So on Sunday I had a little trip up to Livingston shopping centre. In hindsight it wasn't a great idea, as I don't get paid till Friday and I am MEGA skint. Naturally I saw lots and lots of things that I want but stayed strong and only managed to come away with two things.  Got myself this lovely daisy top and black corduroy skirt. Both from good old Primark. 
I have such a love hate relationship with that shop but now and again I do find something that I just love. 

Also on Sunday, I got a little email from ASOS telling me that I could get 60% off their new dress. So I had a little look, hoping that I hated it all. So far it was going so well till this little beauty popped up:

It was £70 down to £30. How could I resist? 
I'm going through a little Stevie Nicks phase at the moment, blame American Horror Story, so I just had to have it. Can't wait for it arrive, fingers crossed it looks good!


Monday, 20 January 2014

A weekend away.

A weekend away.

So for my first proper post I thought I would write about a lovely weekend away I had recently. On Friday 10th January, I went to Argyle to stay in a beautiful place called Old Kilmun House. Basically, one of Sam's best friends is moving to New York so they all organized a little going away shindig. 
From Edinburgh, it took about 2 hours to get there. Now I am a sickly young lady and get terrible car sickness, so alot of my journey was spent asleep. The easiest way to get there is a ferry from Gourock. I must say I was a little nervous about this idea, however the waters were so calm so it made a lovely journey. 


Once you get to Dunoon, it's about 10 minutes away. By the time we got there it was pretty dark but even so, you could see how beautiful the place is. I've always said that I'm more of a city girl but as soon as a saw the place, I just fell in love. The house is very close to Holy Loch, so you can imagine the stunning views. Even the house itself was stunning. It was built by The Duke Of Argyle in 1693 I believe. 

If anyone ever decides to go visit that part of the county, I would totally recommend this house if you are going in a big group. It had so many rooms, a beautiful dining room and a games room in the basement. 
So for the first night there, we just had dinner and drinks. I'm a little on the shy side of things so being in big groups is never a great joy of mine but Sam's friends are all really nice so it was good to spend some more time with them. Everyone was a little tired with all the traveling, so most went to bed. I made the mistake of drinking a little too much champagne, so had to have a wee nap before dinner. Must always remember to stick with the gin, it's a safer option!

We were VERY lucky with the weather the next day. So, we went for a lovely walk just behind the house. Being the city girl that I am, walking isn't particularly my favorite thing to do but I'm glad I did it as the views were breathtaking. Infact, a part of me now wants to move to the county. The fresh air and even getting to see stars in the sky, just made me feel so relaxed and at ease. That afternoon we went to lovely little B&B that had a restaurant attached to it. It was such a cute little place, full of local artists' works. 
That night, we again had another love dinner and played a game. I can't remember for the life of me what that game was called but it got a little heated. Boys v Girls is never going to end well. 

Sadly we all had to leave on Sunday. I could have happily stayed longer but the joys of work were calling us all. I would love to do something like this again but have more time to get to see the local area. That's the only regret I have from the weekend. 

On a side note, I must post this picture as it was one of my highlights from the weekend. If a big old house has a service hatch.... then I WILL climb through it.

Well, if you managed to read all this then thank you!
Also I have to say thank you to Skye Withers for some of the photos from the weekend. She is a very skillful lady with a camera. You should check her out on instagram @skyewithers


Why hello there!

So where do I begin? 

As you can guess, I am very new to this whole "blogging" thing. It's something I've always fancied doing but never really found the motivation to actually start it off. I'm pretty bad at having great ideas but never following them through but here I am! 
One of my problems when thinking about this blog was what do I write. Would people really want to hear my opinions on films I've watched or see clothes that I'm lusting after? Probably not but, well, bugger it. 
Writing has never came natural to me, I'm prone to a good spelling mistake or two and a few grammatical errors. So I've warned you! 
Like most young people, I love taking photos and I feel in some ways It's easier to express myself through that. So expect alot of them.
I should really start this blog off with a good old "about me" thing but I'm pretty useless at them. Maybe one day I will do that, but today is not that day!

So, what am I going to write about in this blog of mine? I think it really is going to be about the things I love: Fashion, Music, Films and occasionally games. The odd review, some OOTD (outfit of the day), things I want badly, the usual. 

I think that is all for now, sorry this has probably been the most boring post ever but do give me time. If you have read this, then thank you. This blog, at the moment, is more a way of me letting off steam but if you do take the time to read anything I write then I totally appreciate it. 

Till the next time!